FAQ: Active SWV Bridge Day 5K RUN

The only running event across the New River Gorge Bridge on October 16th hosted by Active Southern West Virginia during West Virginia’s largest one day event, Official Bridge Day West Virginia. This event is made possible by sponsorship from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

You really should try the pickles
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I have to choose my check in location between North Side and South Side?

The road between the start line and finish line for the 5K RUN is closed to vehicle traffic and we would like to accommodate those traveling from both directions to the event. So, we are offering two options Saturday morning; a North Side check in and a South Side check in. Basically, if you are staying in the Fayetteville or Beckley area you should check in on the South Side. If you are coming from northern WV such as Morgantown or Summersville, you should check in on the North Side. Here are the finer details with maps: https://activeswv.org/racerinfo/

Melanie on the left with South Side check in and Erin on the right with North Side check in.
Why is this a run only event?

The start line of the race is on Route 19 south bound lanes just north of the New River Gorge Bridge. The south bound lanes are reserved for emergency vehicles and commercial permitted vehicles. When we start the race, all traffic is held back until all racers have exited Route 19. We are asking that everyone maintain a quick pace for this first mile. After the first mile, racers are welcome to take walking breaks. We will not stop the timing until everyone finishes.

What is Bridge Day all about?

This is the 40th anniversary of the event celebrating the completion of the western hemisphere’s longest single span arch bridge, the New River Gorge Bridge. Commonly known as “Bridge Day” around the Mountain State, it serves as one of the largest vendor and BASE jumper events taking place from 9am-3pm. Take a look around this website for all the details; https://officialbridgeday.com/.

Can I bring my toddler in a children’s stroller for the 5K RUN?

This is a little tricky because of the bus shuttle and possibly waiting in the weather for the bus shuttle. Additionally, the stroller has to be collapsible to fit onto the school bus shuttle. Please contact us directly to plan your bus accommodations, Info@activeswv.com. Strollers are subject to a police security searched prior to the race.

Do I have to be at the Friday evening packet pick up?

No, if you do not pick up your race number on Friday evening, we will package your number to go to your designated check in location — North Side or South Side. Hence, the importance of indicating where you will be Saturday morning before the race.

Can I pick up my friend’s race packet on Friday?

Yes! Please bring a photo of their driver’s license as permission to pick up their race chip number.

 How do I get to the Bridge Day event after the 5K?

The finish line will be on Court Street in downtown Fayetteville which is a 1.3 mile walk to the entrance gate to Bridge Day. There are also Bridge Day shuttle busses for $3 making the rounds. You can view the bus locations and rates here; https://officialbridgeday.com/bridge-day-info.

 Can my family be at the start line and the finish line with me?

No, this is almost impossible to do be in both locations. Non-racers would have to walk or run the distance between the start and finish because multiple roads are closed to vehicle traffic. We recommend having your family at the finish line.9

 Can I wear a jacket to the start line and leave it with someone?

Yes, we will provide clear bags to leave items at the start line. These items will be transported as fast as possible to the finish line.

Will there be any refreshments after the race?

Yes, we would like to share some of our favorite West Virginia snacks with you; pepperoni rolls, home made pickles, and fresh Appalachian apples. Fayetteville is well known for local restaurants within walking distance from the finish line. Check out the list of unique yummy options here; https://visitfayettevillewv.com/restaurants/. There will also be a Chili Cookoff and Craft Beer Festival in downtown Fayetteville from 3pm-5pm.

When will race results be available?

The timing staff with Appalachian Timing Group will print and post the full results 20 minutes after the last racer crosses the finish line. These results will be physically posted on the Town Hall wall behind the timing banner. Photos will be shared in the following week.

Thank you for joining  us for the Active SWV Bridge Day 5K RUN! Please let us know if you have any last minute questions by emailing info@activeswv.com. You can also find a consolidation of information covering the following topics here:

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