What is Intuitive Eating?

Have you heard of intuitive eating? It has nothing to do with diets, restrictions, weight loss, meal plans, or will power. It’s about getting back to your roots and trusting your body again, ditching the diet mentality, building self-trust to make empowered decisions about what to eat and renewing your relationship with food. Here’s a little snippet of intuitive eating, the ten principles and the science behind how it works.

Intuitive eating was ...

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From Participant to Leaders

Active SWV Community Captains do such an amazing job of encouraging and inspiring their program participants some of them recently became Community Captains themselves at the 2019 Active SWV Community Captain training.

  • Amy Showalter
  • Beth Daniel
  • Lisa Adkins
  • Jacki Wright
  • Richard Accord
  • Barbra Accord
  • Beth Hudspeth
  • Wendi Sopher
  • Chris Graham
  • Vicki Aliff

These folks had such an inspiring ...

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Spring into Summer Workplace Wellness Challenge

We are excited to announce our first Spring into Summer Workplace Wellness Challenge! This 6-week challenge is a great opportunity for your team of employers to get moving and win great prizes too! The official kick-off will be at our annual, free Regional Fun Run on May 11th, 10am-12pm. If your workplace is interested in participating in a healthy little competition contact our Workplace Wellness Director, Laura Baker at [email protected].

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Active SWV Programs Are Your Prescription

Active SWV recognizes the importance of being active on a regular basis to manage and prevent chronic diseases.

Active SWV Community Captain volunteers are trained to lead others in safe physical activity and be the social support needed to increase positive behavior changes. These peer-to-peer interventions offer free activities across many locations to remove common barriers specific to southern West Virginia; fee based activities, drive time, lack of knowledge ...

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