• What does this organization do to promote wellness and active lifestyles?

    Our staff are committed to building the relationships with our community leaders that are necessary to foster a culture of support and wellness. This often includes promoting existing events, assisting with the organization of new events, helping local schools develop wellness programs, helping families know which decisions most improve their heart health, and gathering resources for employers to help their employees empower each other in the workplace.

  • Who is running this organization

    The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority is helping get this new non-profit off the ground. Active Southern West Virginia is an established business in the state of West Virginia with 501(c)3 status approved Dec 1, 2014. Our Executive Director, Melanie Seiler, was hired on Feb 2, 2015 and will meet with board members, residents, business owners, public service groups and visitors to our area to identify and prioritize the goals of Active Southern West Virginia. Please direct your questions and concerns to [email protected]

  • If I give financial gifts to Active SWV, is it tax deductible

    It will be! The organization’s 501(c)3 status is pending approval. Once the approval comes through, all donations made before or after the approval date will be tax deductible. Every contributor will receive written confirmation of their donation, with the applicable tax information included. If you have questions about this process, please call. We will soon be able to accept payments online as well.

  • What geographical area is Active SWV focused on?

    Currently, Active Southern West Virginia is focused on the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. Many of these communities fall within the counties of Nicholas, Raleigh, Fayette, and Summers. That being said, this is also a regional effort to improve wellness, and often involves state wide efforts as well as grass roots efforts in and out of the New River Gorge region.

  • How can I get involved?

    Being a start-up non-profit, we could really use financial contributions. Efforts like event promotion, establishing new activities, and assisting with in school programming requires resources. If you’re able to contribute to Active Southern West Virginia, we will always provide you with an explanation of how your financial gift was used, and the necessary information you’ll need to write it off on your taxes.

    If a financial gift isn’t what you were thinking, we would love to add you to our volunteer list. Many events and efforts we’re initiating require lots of hands. If you have lots of time, we’ll get you set up in our Beckley office assisting with operational needs. If you only have a little time, let us know when, and we’ll find something that fits the investment you’re able to accommodate.

    If your schedule is packed, we could really use some exposure. We’re a new non-profit, so anything you can share, like, tweet, post, or tell a friend would be greatly appreciated. You’ll find Active Southern West Virginia news to share on this website, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter.

    If you have other ideas about ways you’d like to help, please don’t hesitate to contact a steering committee member or Lillian Graning at the NRGRDA. We appreciate you caring!