Scouts volunteer with local trail projects during National Jamboree

For 10 days in late July, approximately 40,000 scouts convened in the New River Gorge for the 2017 National Jamboree. This was the second time the event has been hosted at the Bechtel Summit Reserve, which is situated between Mount Hope and Glen Jean, West Virginia, and the second time attendees have worked on service projects throughout the region as part of their camp experience.
Many communities in the region were able to secure the scouts as volunteers to help with projects, and many of the projects focused on improving public spaces and amenities. Active SWV Bike/Walk staff left the office for a few days to help with two projects that improved local trails.
In Oak Hill, WV scouts volunteered to help re-paint the White Oak Depot which lies along the White Oak Rail Trail. In two days the scouts and their volunteer leaders spruced up the historic building which serves as a reminder of the Rail Trail’s industrial past and has been repurposed as a store which sells fresh local produce.
Outside of Beckley, near the Raleigh Regional Airport, scouts from across the nation helped clear and cut trails which descend to Piney Creek and will eventually connect to the trail systems at the YMCA Soccer Complex. Having this much manpower allowed some of the trails to near completion in a matter of days! Scouts also helped with these trails at the 2013 National Jamboree.
Our region is very lucky to have these young people visit and offer their help with these projects. Equally important is having local volunteers and leaders who work to plan and organize the scouts. Active SWV Bike/Walk is thrilled to see what was accomplished during this year’s National Jamboree and will continue to work with local community leaders to get ready for the 2019 World Jamboree, when 70,000+ scouts may be expected!
Here is a link to a great article from the Register Herald about the Scout’s volunteer efforts and the impacts they have on our region: Boy Scouts Projects Announced
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