Active SWV develops activities and programming in order to create a culture of exercise and physical activity in southern West Virginia.  Active SWV facilitates and promotes new and existing sporting events, and establishes alternative-sports that motivate locals and visitors to be more active.  Transforming southern West Virginia into a more physically active community is our main purpose.

A happy and healthy community will attract visitors, new businesses and jobs. Active SWV seeks to improve the health of all southern West Virginians by providing opportunities for active lifestyles. This goal will help diversify our region’s economic development by attracting businesses that are looking for a community where living a healthy, active lifestyle is a priority.



1. Community Captains

Wellness is a personal matter, and we hope to make those personal decisions easier for community members by increasing their options to join groups they’re most comfortable with. Coworkers, neighbors, classmates, and family are often those who can provide the support and motivation people need to get moving and stay active. Community Captains will motivate and lead their neighbors and friends in living an active and healthy lifestyle. Read more about our Community Captains.

3. Bike / Walk  SWV

We understand that without proper community infrastructure active lifestyles are difficult to maintain. We’ll be advocating for safe streets and improvements to other public places so that walkers, runners, and bikers have a safe environment in which to exercise outdoors. These improvements can include protected bike lanes, fitness trails and connected neighborhoods.  Suggest an Event

5. Active SWV Ambassadors

We will work to raise awareness among area businesses and community leaders to the importance of an active lifestyle for increasing economic activity and job creation.  Also, young professionals will be recruited to volunteer, fund raise and express their support for a new generation of healthy southern West Virginians. Help Spread the Word

2. ActiveSWV Kids

Our youngest community members are not only the key to our future, but also the ones who create fresh, fun, new ideas about how to get active. They need safe, accessible places to play and confidence that their ideas are being heard. That’s why we will work with the region’s youth to create and establish effective exercise activities as well as  promoting overall healthy habits. Suggest a School

4. Training Teams

There are so many wonderful events and activities already taking place in Southern West Virginia. Active Southern West Virginia wants to use their position to help promote involvement in these activities, attract people from outside the region for adventure tourism, and remind West Virginians that there’s always something to do where they live. Suggest an Event