Active SWV Kids Run

Tara Fowler Photography

Tara Fowler Photography

“I believe the potential for greatness still lies in the hearts of our communities and children. And if given the right encouragement and opportunities, who knows what could happen.”

Daniel McDowell

Our Vision
Our Mission
Who are clubs for?
The Process
Ways You Can Help

Our Vision

The Active SWV Kids Run program believes in the value of encouraging youth to be physically active on a daily basis. This is the next generation of the workforce and potential leaders of our state. Families in our region face many challenges and the staff at Active SWV are ready to facilitate the programs needed to strengthen our region.

Our Mission

The central goal of Active Southern West Virginia Kids Run Clubs is for kids to develop an enjoyment and understanding of exercise, while learning healthy habits that extend beyond the program. The participants learn the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, team building, and techniques for being a healthy runner. Running, specifically, is extremely beneficial for kids because it is one of the most accessible sports. It doesn’t require equipment, aside from running shoes, and there is no specific location needed to practice–kids can run anywhere there is open space. Not only is running affordable, but it also promotes a healthy heart, healthy lungs, and strong muscles. Through targeting the youth with this fun initiative, we hope to not only improve the immediate health of the participants, but also instill knowledge, awareness, and ability in West Virginia’s youth.

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Who Are Run Clubs For?

Elementary and Middle School run clubs give students who may not have the resources for youth sports the opportunity to participate in organized physical activity. Active SWV Kids Run Clubs do not discriminate on the basis of skill level. Any child with the desire to get active can do so through our program. We incorporate education and empowerment into the program, which provides kids with the foundation to lead healthy lifestyles.

The Process

Starting an Active SWV Kids Run Club is easy! Planning requires an introductory meeting, volunteer coach recruitment, and a volunteer coaches training! After this initial planning, a start date is chosen and the fun begins! The group will train for 6-8 weeks and then end their program with a celebratory race day! For more detailed information on ActiveSWV Kids Run Club process, download our Program Layout PDF! ActiveSWV Kids Run Program Layout

The Results 

↑ # of days with 60 minutes of physical activity
 ↓TV hours

All students who participate in ActiveSWV Kids Run Clubs take a pre- and post-program survey, provided and analyzed by the West Virginia University School of Public Health. Our program in Summersville has already proven to have positive health outcomes for the participants. The data has shown a statistically significant increase in the number of days that participants achieve 60 minutes of physical activity and a reduction in reported TV hours during school days. This evaluation is in the early stages and we foresee even more evidence based benefits of our Kids Run Clubs in the future.
Our Goals

Active SWV Kids Run Clubs have reached Valley Elementary school, Ansted Middle School, Summersville Elementary, Mount Hope Elementary, Marsh Fork Elementary, Cranberry Prosperity Elementary, Panther Creek Elementary, Fairdale Elementary, Collins Middle School, Birch River Elementary, Mt Nebo Elementary, Mabscott Elementary, Daniels Elementary, Maxwell Hill Elementary, New River Elementary, and the Energy Express summer program at the Southern Appalachian Labor School at Beards Fork and we are not stopping there! We hope to have over 20 Active SWV Kids Run Clubs in schools spanning Fayette, Summers, Nicholas, and Raleigh Counties in 2017!

Ways You Can Help

  • Talk to your child’s school principal, guidance counselor, PE teacher about starting a club
  • Volunteer as an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach
  • Spread the word about Active SWV Kids Run Clubs
  • Talk to your employer about sponsoring an Active SWV Kids Run Club
  • Donate to Active SWV Kids Run