This is a resource to help you stay accountable to be more physically active. The Active SWV Community Captain program offers trained leaders to guide you week by week through a variety of safe, fun, and FREE activities including walks, hikes, bike rides, water aerobics, Tai Chi, SUP, rock climbing, and more. Removing cost barriers and offering support to communities across the region is key to creating a culture of exercise and physical activity in southern West Virginia. A happy and healthy community will attract visitors, new businesses, and jobs as well as diversify our region’s economic development by attracting businesses looking for a community where living a healthy, active lifestyle is a priority.

Attend a free physical activity program near you! Active SWV offers several free weekly programs with trained volunteers throughout Raleigh, Nicholas, Summers, and Fayette counties. These programs are designed for people of all ages and skill levels. 

Why join a program?

In today’s bustling world, making time to be active is challenging. Join an Active SWV Community Captain program and gain friendship, support, and accountability all while reaching your fitness goals!

Join the Active southern West Virginia Facebook Bulletin Board group to join the movement and stay connected with programs happening near you.

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