Valley Elementary Run Club

The Valley Elementary School Run Club, powered by Active Southern West Virginia, capped off its third session with an exciting color run on October 19th, 2016.  

As our veteran run club, Valley Elementary has been adding exciting features to their run club. This fall, they grouped the participants into teams and had a competition between the teams. Each team had a special team name and color, which was identifiable through their rubber wristbands. Teams gained points for completing challenges that focused on attendance and participation. 

As the teams were identified by color, it seemed only fitting for Valley Elementary to have its celebratory fun run be a color run. As all teams came together for a final demonstration of their hard work, parents and teachers threw color at the runners.

“Here at valley elementary school we’re trying to get these kids active because a lot of the times, the only time that kids are active is in school and in PE, so it’s really good that these kids get an extra hour outside of their PE time and outside of their recess time to get active in a way that’s structured.”– Noah Sparks, P.E. teacher

The Valley Elementary Run Club had over 80 participants and over 20 volunteers. 

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