Active Southern West Virginia is a nonprofit building an ecosystem of physical activity for the residents of southern West Virginia by offering programs led by trained leaders from within the communities they serve. Each Active SWV program serves a specific purpose to build capacity within southern West Virginia. The connectivity of each program will help usher in a vibrant, diverse economy. This mission is achieved through community volunteers who lead regular physical activities in southern West Virginia. Volunteers are seeking healthier lifestyles themselves and experience accountability in leading groups. Active SWV provides volunteer training with comprehensive Active SWV program manuals and certifications to facilitate quality program while also creating the opportunity for Community Captains to obtain resume-building qualifications.

  • I won't even lie, I am ridiculously pumped about this: I just completed 1.01miles in 13:29, I shaved 1:32 off of my fastest mile time! I hope everyone is able to enjoy this weather today and set new personal records. Can't wait to run with everyone on Monday–Erica McGraw Hampton - following last week's run with Beckley Running Supplies Stores, Beginner 101 Mondays.

  • Great events, great people, lots of fun for families! All fitness levels welcome and encouraged!!! I for one have had a blast!–Vince Nicolau - after joining Mile Mondays

  • Between spending this morning walking the soccer field with Levi and the afternoon fixing geocaches with Gary, I must have observed more than 200 people on the trails and walking the loop sidewalk around the complex. I believe much of that traffic is a result of ActiveSWV.–David Sibray

  • Our school just needed something for the kids who don't get to participate in other things. We had over 50 kids show up on the first day. They just want to be active and have fun. They want to be a part of something. –Laura .Ayers, Volunteer Coach at Fairdale Elementary Run Club

  • I just have to tell everyone how thankful I am for this Qi Gong class. I have been practicing Qi Gong now for about a month, and today was the first time in years and years that I was able to spend 30 minutes grocery shopping without using the electric buggy!!! Although I still have pain when I stand, walk, or spend time sitting up straight for an amount of time, I now actually have times when I feel no pain. I had forgotten how it felt to be pain free even for a few moments. Thank you Joe Jett for teaching this class and Billy Thompson for telling me about Joe!–Janis Dean, Tai Chi