The Work@Health® Employer Training course is developed by the Center for Disease Control. This evidence-based course provides employers and employees with the knowledge and tools to promote good health in their workplaces. Such tools can help prevent chronic illness and disability, thereby improving productivity and competitiveness as an employer. This 6-8 week virtual course is perfect for workplaces wanting to get serious about sustainable workplace wellness strategies. Increase the depth and scope of your wellness program using proven methods.

Benefits of Work@Health®

When you complete your Work@Health® course, you can expect to bring these benefits to your workplace:

  • Complete health & safety assessment of your workplace
  • Training to develop health intervention plans
  • Strategies to monitor participant progress
  • Technical assistance and support resources
  • Tools to develop a up to a 1 year action plan

why participate?

time commitment

The Work@Health® Employer Training consists of 8 modules which you’ll complete over the course of 6-8 weeks. Training is a combination of virtual and self-directed online classes. 

We suggest planning for 2-4 hours per week, depending on your workplace wellness goals. Virtual classes typically take place during the M-F workday. We encourage employers to allow participating employees to use some time during the work day to attend and work on the class.

employer requirements

The Active SWV Workplace Wellness Program is open to workplaces of all sizes and types. However, the CDC Work@Health® Course requires employers to meet the following criteria to qualify for certifications:

If you’re unsure if your employer qualifies you to participate in Work@Health®, please contact [email protected].

To learn more about Work@Health®, upcoming classes, or what Workplace Wellness could look like for you, contact [email protected]