Workplace wellness

Why workplace wellness?

We spend a lot of our lives at work. That’s why it’s imperative for workplaces to prioritize health and well being of their employees. At Active SWV, we make it easy for companies and organizations to prioritize the well-being of their employees by participating in our Workplace Wellness Program.

Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness program provides structure and support for a multi-year approach to increase physical activity and wellness in the workplace, using the CDC Health Scorecard to measure results.

Each year Active SWV hosts FREE, CDC backed, evidence based Workplace Wellness certification courses to help you build a foundation and culture of health and wellbeing at your workplace! 

Here are just a few reasons to bring wellness to your workplace:

  • Show your employees you value them
  • Boost workplace morale
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Save on health insurance costs
  • Gain a reputation as a great place to work!

Benefits You Receive

By the end of a one-year membership with Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness program, you can expect to:

  • Increase your access to resources to improve wellness.
  • Improve your wellness offerings as demonstrated by our annual workplace assessment tool, the CDC Health Scorecard.
  • See an increase in your staffs’ perceived and actual wellness, demonstrated in a comparison of pre and post employee surveys.
  • Successfully implement at least one system, environment, and policy change to improve wellness in your workplace.
  • Have the support and foundation to continue providing workplace wellness for years to come.

Our Free Resources

We want to see you succeed. When you become a FREE member with Active SWV, you gain access to tons of FREE resources, including:

You can find details on our partners, economic development resources, CDC resources, and more here!

Capacity building grants

Each year, Active SWV along with the WVDHHR open enrollment for capacity building funding. 20 grants are available, one per workplace, up to $1,500. To apply for funding you will be required to participate in the free Work@Health training course hosted by Active SWV. 

Once funding has been awarded, workplaces can use these funds to focus on Policy, System, and Environmental changes that can be made to increase employer physical activity, nutrition, and education. 

For more information on the grant funding process, what funding can and can’t be used for, and to any other FAQS visit our grant landing page here. 

Past workplaces awarded have used funding to create workout spaces on site, offer healthy food and drinks at meetings and events, and to increase incentives and awards for physical activity challenges hosted by the workplace. 

Courses & certifications

COnference & Awards

The annual West Virginia Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards are a great place to collaborate and find solutions to barriers to healthier workplaces with speakers, presenters, and key notes from every corner of the state. Each year we accept presentations that address trending health and wellness concerns for the workplace and workers to create conversation around policy, system, and environment changes that can be made to address these barriers. 

Active SWV also recognizes workplaces that have excelled in creating policy, system, and environment changes in the workplace each year at the conference. All workplaces are encouraged to apply for the workplace wellness awards and can find more information on the application process here!

Connect with Active SWV’s Ecosystem of Free Physical Activity Programs

Participating in the Workplace Wellness program also connects your workplace to other successful Active SWV programs like our Community Captains free physical activity programs,  Kids Run Clubs, the Bike/Walk SWV advocacy model, and high quality special events with opportunities to become a sponsor as well.
The Active SWV Workplace Wellness program is open and free to any size workplace in Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Summers, Kanawha, and Boone counties. Contact our office for more information at [email protected] or (304) 254-8488.

Participating Worksites

want to get your company active?

Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness program provides structure and support for a multi-year approach to increase physical activity and wellness in the workplace, using the CDC Health Scorecard to measure results.

Contact Workplace Wellness Director Veronica Crosier for more information and steps to sign up for a free 1-year workplace membership.

Workplace Wellness Director
Call: 304-254-8488
Email: [email protected]