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The 18 topics of health

The CDC backed and evidence based 18 topics of health included here offer an in depth way to examine barriers to health at your location. These resources are a great connection to creating solutions to these barriers!

WVU Extension

Using trusted research and education, West Virginia University Extension is committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of all West Virginians. Our experts bring programs and resources to our communities to enhance prosperity, improve health outcomes and deliver educational opportunities throughout the state.

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Policy, System, and Environment

We’ve created an easy to follow flow chart to walk you through the process of making Policy, System, and Environment changes. These changes are crucial to the creation of a lasting and impactful Workplace Wellness program! 

Policy change: Policy changes are permanent. They can be written into the employee manual, added to existing health policies, and create long lasting effects, reaching all the staff that may work for an organization over time. 

Systems change: These may include unwritten, or verbal policies. It can also include educational and group events, like step challenges and hydration challenges. You must host 3 or more of these types of events in a year to create a systems challenge. 

Environment change: These are changes to the physical work environment. You can add physical activity space and equipment to your workplace, create safe and private lactation spaces, or creating walking paths around the workplace. 

When creating Workplace Wellness programming, the best results are seen with a cross over of all three of these types of Workplace Wellness changes. 

Workplace Wellness research from the field

Success Stories

We love to share your hard work with the world! You can find more about programming that other workplaces have implemented, upcoming trainings, and most importantly Workplace Wellness member SHOUTOUTS!

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