5 Signs your business is ready for Workplace Wellness

Having fun while getting active.

What does incorporating Workplace Wellness look like?

It looks like FUN! Workplace wellness is something that EVERY workplace can incorporate into their day.

Active SWV recognizes there can be a number of barriers to incorporating Workplace Wellness into your day, but we are here to help find solutions to overcoming those barriers!

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What does Workplace Wellness add to your organization?

By offering physical activity and nutrition resources to employees, an organization can see changes in overall employee happiness, health, productivity, and job retention over time. This is based on CDC backed and evidence based programming through the Work@Health program. Workplaces that have a Work@Health certified employee on staff will:

Are you ready for Workplace Wellness?

Often times, organizations are unsure if Workplace Wellness will fit into their organizational structure. When partnering with Active SWV, we work individually with each workplace to survey the current culture of health and implement programming that reflects the needs and wants of that organization. The list below is a good road map of questions to see if Active SWV Workplace Wellness is right for you. 

5 signs you may be ready for Workplace Wellness

Our mission at Active SWV is to create and expand physical activity and nutrition resources for those living and working across the state. The Workplace Wellness program was created to help workplaces in WV create lasting and equitable programming at their location. This can be done by taking advantage of the free Workplace Wellness resources Active SWV can provide. 

All of the resources Active SWV provides are completely FREE to our Workplace Wellness members! A membership with us is easy – we will work with you to create lasting and equitable physical activity, nutrition, policy, system, and environment changes to increase the culture of health at your location. 

A piece of this includes the CDC backed and evidence based Work@Health training and certification that Active SWV provides. This course walks you through 8 virtual modules built to give you the tools to create these lasting physical activity and nutrition initiatives!

Through our membership, you will also gain access to free data collection, educational resources, and community partnerships that can help you increase the reach and positive outcomes of your programming. Meet our community partners and see other resources we have available here.

We are here to provide resources to ANY workplace in the state. If your organization doesn’t quite fit the list above, lets talk! Our aim is to help create healthier workplaces and communities in every county in the state, so we are always happy to expand who we work with. You can find more information on Workplace Wellness and all of the other Active SWV program areas by subscribing to our newsletter.

According to Insperity, a leading comprehensive HR management organization, workplaces may experience more turnover as we get back into a ‘normal’ work routine post Covid-19.

One of the many benefits of Workplace Wellness programming is the employee retention we often see at participating worksites. This is because support for healthier living from organizational staff show all employees they are valued. It can also:

Decrease absenteeism. 
Decrease healthcare related costs to the employee AND employer. 
Boost moral and create a cohesive and supportive work team. 
Create a culture of health that grows into the community. 

If you are already running a Workplace Wellness program at your organization, we would love to chat! Our Workplace Wellness membership gives you access to trainings, resources, and grant funding.

Each year we award 20, $1,500 grants to help workplaces create and expand Policy, System, and Environmental changes at their location. These changes are the foundation to creating sustainable and equitable programming for all of the staff at your location. 

Previous grantees have used funding to create on site fitness spaces and purchase equipment, host healthy luncheons, and provide incentives and prizes for staff challenges like step challenges and water drinking challenges. 

We are excited for you to join us in creating healthier workplaces across the state! For more information on the Workplace Wellness Work@Health programming and upcoming certification courses, fill out our interest form here!

You can also reach Workplace Wellness Director, Michael Fisher, at [email protected] with any questions about Workplace Wellness programming at your workplace.

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Active SWV visit Healthnet Aeromedical-A Workplace Wellness Member.

Recognition Opportunities

We are excited to recognize workplaces across the state that have worked with Active SWV through the past year, celebrating the efforts they have made to create a culture of health and wellness at their workplace. These awards are available to any workplace in West Virginia and get presented each year at the West Virginia Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards, hosted by Active SWV. For more information on upcoming conferences and awards click here!