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Southern West Virginia faces many economic and health challenges. Through our Community Captains program and with the partnerships and sponsors within the communities Active SWV serves, we can help people overcome common barriers that prevent them from leading active and healthy lives. Community Captains break down barriers to physical activity by leading free activities for locals in their own hometowns. 

what is a community captain?

Do you want to be a champion in your community, encouraging others to lead healthier, more active lives, all while having fun? Then becoming a Community Captain may be the perfect fit for you. Community Captains help remove barriers that prevent community members from being active by providing free physical activity programs in their communities.

Activities range from walks, hikes, tai chi, yoga, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, water aerobics, and more. Activities depend on the interests of each Community Captain, along with the resources available in their local area. You can find free Community Captain led programs on the Active SWV Events Calendar 

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building program awareness

Active SWV promotes Community Captain programs using four methods:


Active SWV creates and distributes monthly program flyers to a flyer distribution list that spans across Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Summers, Kanawha, and Boone counties. Each month flyers are sent out to each county advertising free Community Captain-led programs happening across the six counties.


Active SWV has created an events calendar that is updated monthly. To find this calendar go to If you have any changes to the time or location of your program or need to cancel, contact the Volunteer Director immediately so that changes can be made.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways for Active SWV and Community Captains to promote free wellness programs. Facebook groups and pages are excellent resources that Community Captains can use to promote, share program details, and interact with community members. Sharing with already existing networks of friends and family is a great way for Community Captains to help promote programs. The goal is for Community Captains to have an impact by first getting their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors involved in their physical activity program and then working to expand the group by inviting the wider community to join.

Press Releases

Throughout the month, press releases are sent to local newspapers, radio stations, news stations, and area businesses to advertise upcoming programs and events.

Want to become a Community Captain?

Every Community Captain receives leadership training designed specifically to help them confidently lead a physical activity program. Training includes CPR and First Aid certification, one-on-one program development, social media training, and ongoing support and encouragement from the Active SWV team. Additional professional training and certifications will be offered as each program grows. 

Send applications to:

Community Captain Director,
Elizabeth Raney
Call: 304-254-8488
Email: [email protected]