Active SWV Workplace Wellness

Many people spend a significant portion of their lives at work, which is why it is imperative that work sites implement evidence-based environmental changes and policy updates that enable employees to choose healthy behaviors at work. Active SWV provides technical assistance to work sites that want to make these positive changes for their employees. This program is supported by the members of the New River Gorge Regional Health Alliance that seek to collaborate across county lines to improve the health of the region.

The City of Beckley Sanitation Board practicing workplace stretches.

Workplace Wellness Starter Kit

The ActiveSWV Workplace Wellness program is open to any size business in Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, and Summers counties. Contact our office to sign up; [email protected] or (304) 254-8488. Each business designates a point person who recruits a wellness team. This group is allowed time to meet and discuss priority areas by working through the CDC Workplace Health Scorecard. This scorecard is an evaluation tool with evidence based action items ranging across 8 topics.

Active SWV Workplace Wellness Pilot Program Updates