Walk With Ease

The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program is a 6-week community-based physical activity and self-management education program. While walking is the central activity, Walk With Ease is a multi-component program that also includes health education, stretching and strengthening exercises, and motivational strategies. Active SWV is pleased to offer Walk With Ease to our region through our Community Captains and Workplace Wellness programs. These programs may be offered virtually, in-person or blended depending on the needs and safety requirements of the participants. Find up-coming classes, and learn how to start your own Walk With Ease class below.

Who should participate?

 Walk With Ease is for adults with arthritis who want to be more physically active. The program is also for adults without arthritis, particularly those with diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions. The only requirement is the ability to stand for at least 10 minutes without increased pain. We invite anyone interested in increasing their strength and understanding of healthy weekly behaviors.

Let's get the facts

Walk With Ease aims to promote education on physical activity and arthritis self-management specific to adults with arthritis. The program also shares strategies for walking safely and comfortably. The goal is for participants to continue their walking regime after the program ends. Walk With Ease encourages participants to explore other exercise and proven self-management programs for adults with arthritis.

Walk With Ease is proven to:

During the 6 weeks, participants will:

Safety tips for walking on your own

Walk With Ease encourages you to continue your walking practice even after the program ends. This may mean walking alone for some. Here are a few tips to make it a safe experience:

Become a Walk With Ease Leader

Active swv provides certification

Becoming a Walk With Ease Leader is simple and rewarding. Inspire others and keep yourself accountable by leading a 6-week Walk With Ease class for your friends, family, coworkers, or community. Active SWV will cover the cost of your Walk With Ease and CPR/First Aid Certification – a value of up to $150. In addition, we’ll provide participant handbooks to your class. We can also promote your class, provide technical support for virtual classes, and insurance-coverage for in-person class locations.

Ready to get started?

Learn about free upcoming Walk With Ease classes by joining our interest group on Facebook here.

Interested in becoming a certified Walk With Ease leader? Contact Elizabeth Raney at [email protected]

Want to start a Walk With Ease program at your workplace? Contact Michael Fisher at [email protected] 

participant resources

Already enrolled in a Walk With Ease program powered by Active SWV? Find resources here.