REFIT® Revolution is a worldwide fitness experience, with inspiring workouts set to music, meant to change your body, mind and soul. REFIT® is known for creating strong communities and an uplifting environment. The workouts are beginner friendly, and allow you to choose your level of challenge. This makes REFIT® perfect for any fitness ability.

Active SWV offers free REFIT® classes virtually and in-person when safe. These classes are continually some of our most popular free physical activity programs. Active SWV is excited to be able to help individuals become certified REFIT® Instructors through our Community Captains program. Keep reading to learn about upcoming opportunities, what it takes to become certified, and the intrinsic rewards of joining REFIT®!

the refit® mission and vision


The body you have is the body we want — and that’s the body at work! No matter your size, shape, age or experience, REFIT® is the perfect fit for everybody and every BODY. We believe you’re worth the workout, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Throw doubt, fear and insecurity to the wind. You’re worth the workout! REFIT® transforms your mind by elevating your thinking about what it means to be “fit.” You’ll walk out of class feeling weightless, accomplished and ready to take on the world!
REFIT® moves beyond the body into a life-changing experience. We believe the heart is both a muscle and a soul, and the impact of this targeted approach creates a deeper sense of connection, self-worth and lasting change.

become a refit® instructor

Ready to become a REFIT® instructor, but don’t see a live training near you? Need a training program you can fit into your busy life? Become a certified instructor with REFIT’s® self-paced, 4 week online instructor training course instead! Explore the vision and values of REFIT®, learn how to develop community, and expand your knowledge of movement, choreography and instructorship-without ever leaving your home.

When you become an Active SWV Community Captain volunteer and commit to leading one year of REFIT®, we will cover the cost of your certification! We will also help organize, promote, and additionally insure your class.

Learn more about being a REFIT® instructor and the benefits of our Community Captain Program by contacting:

Community Captain Director Elizabeth Raney at 

[email protected]

To find an upcoming REFIT® class, visit our calendar.

To learn more about the world of REFIT®, visit their homepage here.