July Workplace Wellness Update

Snapping into Summer, grant reviews, initiative spotlights, and more! 

With the summer months coming in, our 2022-23 capacity building grant projects are coming to an end. As a part of the process, Active SWV conducts a midpoint review with each grantee to prepare them for the end of year reporting and to help find solutions to barriers that may be effecting the grant project.

In this past grant cycle, Active SWV worked with 11 different organizations across 5 counties to provide funding, programming, and data collection resources to increase employee health through focused Policy, System, Environmental, and individual level changes. 

Policy, System, Environment, Individiaul level changes


These are written and permanent changes that increase employee access to physical activity, nutrition resources, and mental health resources. 


These are often educational opportunities, like a lunch and learn event. They can also be challenge based like a step challenge or a water drinking challenge. 

In order for it to be considered a system change, a worksite must host two or more events in a year. Less than two events would be considered an individual level change. 


This is a physical change to the working environment. It could include a workout space on site, increased healthy snacks/drinks, or creating a lactation space on site. 


Hosting a challenge or educational session less than two times per year is considered an individual level change. 

How to Get Started:

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of PSEI changes that can be made at the workplace. To work with Active SWV Workplace Wellness, contact Workplace Wellness Director Michael Fisher for a free one on one consultation! [email protected]

2022-2023 Capacity Building Grantees

Our 2022-23 cohort had incredible initiatives planned to increase employee health, wellbeing, happiness, and connection!

These initiatives included physical activity challenges, healthy luncheons, lunch and learn sessions, community wide environmental changes, and much much more.

Ten of the grantees in the table above received one of twenty capacity funding grants of $1,500. These funds are available to workplaces each year and can be applied for annually. Repeat funding can be used for new initiatives or to sustain previous initiatives already existing in the workplace. 

Active SWV also granted $5,000 to the WVU School of Public Health in partnership with Dr. Brian Leary from the School of Kinesiology to pilot a program with the Morgantown Fire Department. This programming is designed to educate tactical first responders in areas including physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and rest/recovery. Dr. Leary participated in the Work@Health program to help create the foundation that would be used in creating this programming. 

Working with his graduate student cohort, Brian is helping to create a reusable curriculum that will be offered through Active SWV and available to other first responders across the state.

Mid year outcome reporting

During the 2022-23 grant cycle, Active SWV funded 10 projects across West Virginia to promote Workplace Wellness. Grantees received a total of $19,458. The projects reached a total of 3,925 individuals.

Active SWV grant recipients have currently completed 45 activities. The completed activities focused on promoting physical activity and healthy eating by providing equipment, facilities, educational programming, and wellness challenges.

Policy, systems, environment, and individual (PSEI) changes are increasing in all grantee locations. The 45 PSEI changes consisted of 11 policy changes (24.4%), 14 systems changes (31.1%), 14 environment changes (31.1%), and 6 individual changes (13.3%).