Workplace Wellness Training

What, why, and how is Workplace Wellness available? 

We spend a lot of our lives at work. That’s why it’s imperative for workplaces to prioritize health and well-being of their employees. At Active SWV, we make it easy for companies and organizations to prioritize the well-being of their employees by participating in our Workplace Wellness Program.

Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness program provides training, structure and support for a multi-year approach to increase physical activity and wellness in the workplace, using the CDC Health Scorecard to measure results.

Here are just a few reasons to bring wellness to your workplace:

  • Show your employees you value them
  • Boost workplace morale
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Save on health insurance costs
  • Gain a reputation as a great place to work!

How can this work for you? A workplace dedicates one or more employees to serve as the Wellness Liaison(s) who participate in a 6-8 week (mostly) virtual training coached by Active SWV staff and partners. The Wellness Liaisons are guided through assessment, creating buy in, building an action plan, and evaluation to make policy, environmental, and system changes. Refer to the level of free trainings available below. 

What is the training and certification?

Active SWV utilizes the Work@Health® Employer Training course developed by the Center for Disease Control. This evidence-based course provides employers and employees with the knowledge and tools to promote good health in their workplaces. Such tools can help prevent chronic illness and disability, thereby improving productivity and competitiveness as an employer. This 6-8 week (mostly) virtual course – culminates with an in-person delivery of the last two modules to complete the training. This course is perfect for workplaces wanting to get serious about sustainable workplace wellness strategies. Increase the depth and scope of your wellness program using proven methods.

When you complete your Work@Health® course, you can expect to bring these benefits to your workplace:

  • Complete health & safety assessment of your workplace
  • Training to develop health intervention plans
  • Strategies to monitor participant progress
  • Technical assistance and support resources
  • Tools to develop a up to a 1 year action plan
  • Qualify to apply for $1,500 Capacity Building Grants
  • Peer sharing and learning at the annual WV Workplace Wellness Conference & Awards September 7, 2023

“Overall I really enjoyed the format. It was fun, interactive, and informative. The exercises were awesome because I can relate to it and use it.”

Three levels of  Work@Health® training
  1. Employer Training – any employee of a business with 20 or more employees and supervisor support, can take the free training.
  2. T3 Training – certification to teach the Work@Health® curriculum. Anyone who has taken the Employer Training or has worked in a workplace wellness role, can become a T3 Trainer.
  3. Master Trainer – Provides training to T3 trainers and can teach the Work@Health® curriculum. West Virginia has one Master Trainer, James Vance with WV Div. of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease and two Master Trainers in training; Melanie Seiler with Active SWV and Craig Bromley with the WV Div. of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease.
Two levels of training open for enrollment

Work@Health® Employer Training is open to any employee in West Virginia whose business has 20 or more employees. This training is delivered through online, self-paced learning modules, an interactive teaching software program, and in person trainings. 

Email [email protected] with questions about  the Employee Training syllabus 2023. *Start date is tentative to enrollment minimums. 

Register here – Work@Health(R) Employee Training Application

Completing the training qualifies your workplace to apply for a $1500 capacity building grant. 

The Work@Health® T3 Training is free and available for anyone interested in teaching the Work@Health® program to others. Complete 8-10 weeks of self paced and virtual group calls to learn the instructor level information. Then host your first Work@Health® training with 5 employee trainees to become certified. *Don’t worry, we will help you recruit your 5 students. 

Email [email protected] with questions about the T3 Syllabus 2023. *Start date tentative to enrollment minimums.

Register here – The Work@Health® T3 Training Application

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I lose the certification if I change jobs?
    • No, the certification stays with you as an individual. 
  • Can more than one person from my workplace take the training?
    • Yes, that would benefit the program at your workplace. 
  • What if I need to miss a virtual class?
    • Individual class make up time can be arranged. 
  • Is it ok to take the employer level training if I have no experience in workplace wellness?
    • Yes, the employee training is designed for the first time wellness coordinator. 
  • Will we have to meet in person to get the certification?
    • Yes, the last two modules are designed to be delivered in person. 
  • Will the assignments be self paced or during each weeks class?
    • You will move through the modules on your own time before each virtual class.  Virtual class time is for review and discussion.