Regional Fun Run – Virtual Edition

Following CDC Guidelines and Staying Safe While Being Active: Active Southern West Virginia urges everyone to do their part by following CDC guidance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining safe distances, washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding contact with eyes, nose, and mouth, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and most importantly, staying home if sick.

Please note that Active SWV does not encourage gathering in groups to be active, or traveling to high traffic locations for activity. If you do choose to go to a public park or trail to get in some activity for the Virtual Regional Fun Run, please avoid crowded spots and be mindful and respectful of closings at those locations. Please protect yourself and others by following measures that the CDC is recommending to curb the spread of disease.

So how does a virtual event work?

This spring, Active SWV’s  Regional Fun Run Event is going virtual! The event has a youth 1-mile dash option as well as a community 5k walk/run, and is open to and adult or child in the community who would like to participate.

The Virtual Regional Fun Run event will be open from April 13th-May 24th. Within that time-frame, participants will be able to complete their 5k distance individually at their own pace and report their activity on an online platform.

It doesn’t matter to Active SWV how you complete the 5k distance – you can split it into multiple runs, do some on a treadmill, walk, run by time, or whatever else you are able to do!

All participants will receive a participation pin, and there will also be top finisher pins for 5k participants in both the ‘runner’ and ‘walker’ categories. Please note that in order to be considered as a top finisher in the 5k walk/run event, you will need to complete your 5k distance all in one go rather than in segments. Due to current circumstances, Active SWV will not be able to distribute participation and top finisher pins until June first at the earliest.

All participants will also be automatically entered in a raffle, with prizes including Active SWV shirts and water bottles.

Active SWV is also offering a 6 week Kids Run Club program for youth. This Virtual Kids Run Club provides resources and incentives to help you keep your kids active and healthy. Get started on this page; Kids Run Club – Virtual Edition.

How do I register for the Free Virtual Regional Fun Run?

Active SWV is using the platform Clockify to track all participant activity. Please follow the steps below to register:

  1. Complete Active SWV’s online waiver HERE. Please be sure to include your email address, as this is how you will get access to the   Regional Fun Run event
  2. Next you’ll receive an email from Active SWV inviting you to make an account with the free app, Clockify. Clockify is where you’ll record your Regional Fun Run 5k time and participation. A guide for using Clockify is below.
  3. Now you’re ready to start logging your activity April 13th!

*If you do not receive a Clockify invite within two days, please email*

Log your activity on Clockify:
  1. Once you are in your account, click on the ‘Time Tracker’ tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Click ‘project’ on the top bar, find ‘Regional Fun Run 5k’, and select either ‘runner’ or ‘walker’ from the ‘task’ options to the right.
  3. You should see ‘What have you worked on?’ to the left of the ‘week and task’ you selected. In that space:
    • describe your progress if you are completing your 5k over multiple sessions.
    • write ‘complete 5k’ if you completed the distance in one go.
  4. Next go to the far end of the top bar, and input your time. Either:
    • how long you spent running/walking to reach your goal for the day
    • your 5k time completed in one session

Active SWV will be tracking participation in the Virtual Regional Fun Run event. If you have more than one  person registered under the same email address, please identify which individual completed which activity task by writing their names or another identifier in the description of the activity. Thank you!


The mobile app looks a little different on Android vs iPhone devices

  1. Open the app, and either tap the blue ‘Add Time’ (Android), or the blue ‘plus’ symbol (iPhone)
  2. Input your time. Either:
    • how long you spent running/ walking to reach your goal for the day
    • your 5k time completed in one session
  3. Move to the ‘description’ box, and write a brief description of the activity that you did. Either:
    • describe your progress if you are completing your 5k over multiple sessions
    • write ‘complete 5k’ if you completed the distance in one go
  4. Go to the ‘projects’ box, and find ‘Regional Fun Run 5k’. Select either ‘runner’ or ‘walker’ from the ‘task’ options
  5. When you are finished, touch ‘Ok’ at the bottom to log your activity.
Move Your Way Partnership

Active SWV is honored to be selected as one of eight participating pilot sites for the national Move Your Way (sm) campaign for 2020 from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). With this recognition comes a team from Communicate Health to support launch events, social media campaigns, and educational resources to share with people across southern West Virginia.

The Goal of the Campaign is to promote the recommendations from Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Active SWV encourages participants to get their weekly recommended amounts of physical activity, even when our usual routines are thrown off balance.

For a bonus prize, participants can also input their weekly Virtual Kids Run Club or Virtual Regional Fun Run physical activity into the Move Your Way(sm) tracker HERE.

Thank you to our sponsors Mountain Surf Paddle Sports LLCSummersville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Escape-A-Torium Escape Adventures. We appreciate your support.

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