September Participant of the Month – Dane Gaiser

Congratulations, Dane Gaiser, for being Active SWV’s Participant of the Month! Last month, Dane joined Active SWV’s Fayetteville Running Group. We love his energy and dedication to staying physically active. Whether the temps hit the mid 90s or the rain is dumping, you can catch Dane laced up for Running Group. We got a chance to ask Dane a little bit about the role of physical activity in his life. Check out his interview below, and you may just find your own inspiration to start moving!

Why is being active important to you, and what motivates you to stay active?

I have always been a fairly active person. I grew up on a farm and playing sports, and then went on to a job after high school that was pretty physically demanding and had high fitness standards. So, I think it just became sort of ingrained into my life, and now I feel a lot better when I am active and taking care of myself.

What led you to join an Active SWV program?

Although I have stayed somewhat fit, some old workplace injuries and poor diet as a result of work travel really set me back a few years ago. Then I ended up moving to a new place in West Virginia where I didn’t have the same support system, which further aggravated the situation. So, I finally decided that I needed to get out of my rut, find a way to meet other people and get involved in a way that would help me start pushing myself again. When I saw that there was a running club meeting in Fayetteville every week, it just seemed like a great place to start.

“I love the outdoors, anything from hunting and fishing to mountain biking and skiing. Southern West Virginia has been a great place to live for that, and I’m excited to be part of such a great community.”

Would you recommend trying a free Active SWV program to someone contemplating being more physically active?

Absolutely. I’m a person that doesn’t mind working out on my own a good bit, but it’s important to get out, find people that will help encourage you, and have a good time being active. For a long time, I was just so consumed with trying to get back in shape, pushing myself, and then getting discouraged because I couldn’t run like I used to that I wasn’t taking the time to just enjoy it. Now I look forward to run club every week, and it’s translated into the rest of the week and other workouts.

Do you have any words of encouragement for someone thinking of becoming more physically active?

Just get out there and do it. Start slow, set realistic goals, and just try to enjoy it. The more you are able to enjoy it, the more motivated you’ll be to keep with it. Also, don’t be afraid to try new activities and learn from other people.

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