December Participant of the Month Richard Young

Active SWV would like to recognize Richard Young as the December Participant of the Month.

Richard has been running road and trail races around West Virginia for years and is a regular at the Active SWV Fayetteville Running Group that meets every Wednesday at 6:15pm. This year Richard completed a huge milestone in his running career, the Rim to River 100 mile race. He’s a local hero and mentor, just ask his sons.

Completing a 100 Mile Race

Richard shares about his experience finishing the Rim to River 100 mile race, “This was the most hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It was something that I always wanted to do is complete a 100 miler. There a lot of hard work and a lot hours. Many days in the grueling heat all nighters training. I can’t take credit for all of this because I had a ton of help. The best pacer I could ever ask for, my son Jacob. He was only suppose to do 18 miles with me, but I was in a spot of bother. He made the decision to go with me at the half way point. He said I will go as far as I can, and that number was 45 miles after working all day; impressive! I had the 2 best crew guys. My other son Darek and nephew Gary took care me at the stops. They was out there all night making sure I was ok which is impressive, too.

I want to thank to Yolanda Chambers and her husband John for showing up at mile 55 to cheer me on. Her husband said right before I left, “Don’t quit!” and that stuck with me. I would also like to thank Eric White, Luke, Andrew and Zoey for waiting hours to just cheer me on. Beth Hudspeth for caring for me at aide 55 by getting me food. Katie Faulkner for the Reese’s and chocolate milk that helped a ton.

Thank you all the volunteers at the race out there all night with us. This race was a dream come true!”

Getting His Start

Richard got into running after playing football for WVU Tech later in his 20s. After completing his degree, he still wanted to be competitive and entered a 5k without training and won 3rd place in his age group. Ten years later Richard completed a 50k race and 100 mile race! 

Advice Richard Has For Others
  • Make the choice to join and Active SWV program to begin a healthier lifestyle.
  • Meet new, awesome people who want to be healthy and successful. 
  • Be part of community like the running community where everyone is supportive and encouraging. Always ready to help each other.
Why Join An Event Or Race?

“In a world where there is so much doom and gloom, it’s great to come to an event where everyone is helping each other. They are encouraging and wanting each other to succeed at these events and races. It’s at every race! Some times you don’t see that in every day life.” – Richard Young