Kids Fall Activities Come to an End

Active SWV had a couple of options available for kids to get active this fall. The Virtual Kids Fall Fun Fitness challenge ran for 7 weeks and had 79 kids signed up. We also put together a 6 week Kids Run Club at Fayetteville PK-8, open to 3-5th graders.

Fayetteville PK-8 Kids Run Club 

Earlier this year Active SWV, Coda Mountain Academy, and Camp Royal partnered together and received a 21CCLC funding Grant to provide youth with free afterschool activities. With the help of this funding and partnership, Active SWV was able to put together a Kids Run Club at Fayetteville PK-8 this fall. Coaches Brooke Gershenbaum and Meghan Fisher led the participants through weekly activities and running exercises every Thursday after school, and Coda supplied a dinner for the kids to take home.

Unfortunately the Club’s practices were cut as a precautionary measure against rising Covid cases, but Coaches Meghan and Brooke were able to put together workouts for the kids to do at home on those days where practice was cancelled. 

Congratulations to our participants Jagger Knox, Timothy Phillips, Reagan Calloway, Isaiah Chapman, Easton Perry, Chad Keeney, Chayla Keeney, and Nash Mulcahy on completing the Fayetteville PK-8 fall Kids Run Club!

Active SWV plans to continue the Fayetteville PK-8 Kids Run Club this spring, and resume more of our Kids Run Clubs at other schools throughout Raleigh, Summers, Nicholas, Fayette, Kanawha, and Boone counties. 

Virtual Kids Fall Fun Fitness Challenge 

Active SWV created this 7 week virtual challenge so kids could have a safe way to be active at home this fall. With almost all of our Kids Run Clubs and many other sports put on hold due to Covid, Active SWV still wanted to provide free resources for kids to be active. 

The Kids Fall Fun Fitness Challenge had seven weeks of themed activities including yoga and mindfulness, active scavenger hunts, and a step count challenge. Participants also had opportunities to earn extra ‘toe token’ prizes for doing the additional ‘Extra Mile’ challenges offered every week. All participants were sent a medal and certificate in the mail for participating in the free challenge, and Active SWV plans to do more challenges like this in the future to engage kids across the state. 

Winter Activities for Kids

As the weather gets colder and staying active feels more difficult, look out for tips and resources from Active SWV on how to keep up the healthy motivation! Email Active SWV’s Youth Program Direct [email protected] if you have any questions or if you would like to be involved with youth programming in the future.