#CelebrateActiveSWV by Sharing your Memories

Active Southern West Virginia began delivering programs in 2015 with a few kids fun runs, training teams for local races, and Community Captains leading Zumba, walking, and yoga. The organization has grown to reach and inspire many individuals in southern West Virginia.

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Veronica Crosier, the Workplace Wellness Director, shares her favorite memory

“My first presentation on barriers to physical activity at Columbia Forest last year. I was a little nervous, because this workplace is much different than any of our others with the most regimented schedules, the most physical labor, with 90% of the employees old enough to be my dad or granddad. I wasn’t sure how they’d receive my presentation. However, by keeping it interactive and getting them up and moving it turned out to be really successful. One employee, Marvin, actually stuck to the SMART goal he created during the presentation.”

Cindy Whitlock, board member, shares her story
“As a former amateur organizer of such oddities as Bridge Day, the 20K Oak Hill-Fayetteville Distance Run, Whitewater Wed., and a memorable MASH Last Episode party on my birthday one year, (not telling),  I am always delighted to be part of anything ASWV organizes. Because they know how to organize events. They are, as they say in the movies, affairs to remember!
One such instance was at the Summersville Family Triathalon. As I recall, I gleefully handed out popsicle sticks with numbers to calculate awards.  I may even have some left from numerous 20Ks. Here was something I knew!
But this crew, for their next timed event, had incorporated hi-tech, no popsicle sticks in sight, auto timing, compete with a blow up finish line, and timing pads that travel anywhere. They go on the street, on the river bank, in the bike paths…as you may imagine, I was awestruck.
And, then there are the snacks. I think I may’ve had orange slices for runners in the 20K. But we have the medically recommended pickle juice. Not any store-bought pickle juice, pickle juice from Secret Sandwich. That is some special juice, mind you!
Event organization is work, hard work. It’s expected there are items missed, or no-show volunteers, or a flat tire. But either that doesn’t happen at Active SWV, or its presence is hidden by the layers of just-in cases that were dutifully prepared.”
Bridge Day 5K RUN – always a favorite!
Michelle Rotellini

“My favorite SWV event is definitely the Bridge Day 5k and I’m hoping to make new memories at the New River Gorge Rim to Rim 10K!”

Austin Caperton
“Being part of the Bridge Day 5K has been a highlight during my time on the board with Active SWV.”
Melanie Seiler, Executive Director, shares

“One of my favorite memories was the community kids fun runs in 2015 across the New River Gorge region. This was a great way to meet partners and begin to share the mission of ASWV. The kids fun runs were one day events in Hinton, Fayetteville, and Beckley. We had 89 youth attend and 95 adults with most adults running along with us. As I look through the names on the event lists, there is still so many that remain active with us. The Fayetteville kids run run grew into a monthly event that year; “I (heart) Walk/Run” monthly run in partnership with the FRN. Super hero themed!

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