12 Million Steps and a Coworker turned Hero

Success Stories from the Field

The Active SWV Workplace Wellness members are at it again. Success stories are pouring in after a third round of Active SWV Work@Health grant awards. If you’ve ever wondered, “does workplace wellness really make a difference?” Look no further. The stories below will warm your heart, and motivate you to move. 

Check out how workplace wellness is impacting individuals across the state and get inspired to start your own workplace wellness initiative. And Active SWV is here to help you! Learn how below. 

Twelve Million Steps at Eastwood Elementary 

Creation of a new, signed walking trail with a step challenge to promote usage 

“Eastwood Elementary has many outdoor learning spaces and play places for the children, but not focused on the staff.  COVID forced us to turn our attention outdoors for health and meeting spaces. The mileage markers helped us define our space and tie the campus together.  You now see staff walking at lunch, walking on breaks, and after school.  A friendly step challenge between superhero teams added to the use of the trail. The incentive of getting to wear jeans all week was enough to collectively gather over 12 million steps. Though we are still tweaking the map and waiting for installation of the posts, the staff already has an ownership of the walking trail.” – Karen Davis, Eastwood Elementary School

Wellness Turns Acquaintances into Friends, Coworkers into Heroes 

Clay Middle School brings staff together through a variety of physical activity 

‘Kay Miller, a custodian in charge of sanitizing the school, signed up for the program because she suffers from muscle aches and pain every day and gets so winded climbing up and down the stairs that she started using the elevator. Kay is constantly moving in a job requiring strength and stamina.  Kay joined our personal fitness class where we use stretchy bands and medicine balls. The next day after the class she was ecstatic. 

Tracy and Kay at Long Point Trail for a staff wellness outing.

With excitement, Kay said, “I woke up with so much energy and I feel great.”  Kay attends yoga and personal fitness class regularly and she is beginning the Walk With Ease program. She purchased her own medicine ball and now stretches and works out each morning. Kay reports she feels better than ever and has more energy. Another pleasing result, is that she has lost 10 lbs. 
 “I didn’t know Kay very well before this program, and now we have become exercise pals.  We talk each day and motivate each other to keep working. Kay is my hero and friend.” – Tracy Wayne, Clay Middle School 

Friendly Competition Leads to a Health Domino Effect 

Coplin Health System employees get comfortable talking fitness and soon want more!  

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has made days at work long for healthcare workers. Continual changes and community needs have caused employee fatigue and has resulted in 33% of our staff moving less daily.  Unfortunately, providing on site exercise classes and other group activities have also been prevented because of the pandemic.  

To help our employees take care of their health, we decided to develop site wide exercise competitions. In January and March, we challenged [our staff] to move at least twenty minutes each day.  We had 10 employees sign up and they moved 4,658 minutes in six weeks. Everyone who participated said they thought about and participated in more movement activities, even if they didn’t manage to record their time. 

In March and Aprilwe decided to “step it up.”  We issued a companywide step challenge. The competition in this challenge has become intense and in just four weeks, we have already taken 5 million steps towards better health. This challenge hascreated friendly competition that is helping employees stretch one another’s goals. 

The impacts of our challenges have gotten everyone more comfortable talking about daily exercise. It has also engaged employees in active movement. Also, because employees are enjoying these health focused competitions, some of the site directors have decided to add healthy food programs.  One of the sites is offering a weekly healthy snack, with the recipe to make it at home, and health information.  She is using SNAP Education information, which we encourage our patients to use, so it is helping staff better understand a program our patients are using, too.” – Sarah Barton, Coplin Health Systems 

Feeling motivated yet?

Ok, tell us you’re not inspired after that. If you’re curious about what wellness could look like at your work, email our Workplace Wellness Director Veronica Crosier to learn more. We customize wellness programs to fit any workplace type. Worksites who join us before June 2021 will have an opportunity to apply for one of our $1,000 wellness grants to help jumpstart your program.

Send your questions and comments to:
Veronica Crosier, Workplace Wellness Director

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