Getting Active is Easy

Meet Participant of the Month Laura Bowen-Coffelt

Retired teacher gets active in the park

Laura Bowen-Coffelt participated in a bike and hike in September, and found herself as our November participant of the month!  We love bringing you the stories of the people who enhance our monthly programs simply by participating, and Laura is a prime example!

Laura is a retired teacher, living in Edmond, WV with her husband, John. She has two grown children, a son and daughter in law, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Being active is important to Laura, and she describes herself as maintaining an active lifestyle, even as a child.  She remembers never being able to sit still. Laura actually grew up in Florida, and spent a lot of time riding horses with her best friend.  She says, “…I fell in love with WV outdoors in 1993 when a friend suggested we be whitewater rafting guides during the summer.”

Laura got involved with Active SWV after seeing an announcement on Facebook for one of our Get Active in the Park activities.  The Hidden History Red Ash Bike and Hike took place on 9/25, and was very popular. Laura says “I had been a ranger in this park, seasonally from 1996-1998 and I had never been to the Red Ash Cemetery.”  She quickly registered for the event, so that she could learn something new. 

Laura says she stays active because it makes her feel good, and she never regrets time spent being active.  Though, she also states, “I definitely don’t stay as active as I should.”   She feels people should join an Active SWV free program to gain support and accountability.  The programs offer that extra push to stay motivated.  Also, she feels that the Active SWV programs are educational and informative, “The folks in charge seem happy and informative, “says Laura.

Laura would like to encourage families to get online and find an Active SWV program that interests them, and sign up! Check here to find the latest ways to stay active!