Community Captain of the Year 2021

Jaquelyn Goike-Wright, 2021 Community Captain of the Year

If you have ever attended an Active Southern West Virginia hike, you have likely met up with our 2021 Community Captain of the Year, Jacki Wright.  Jacki and her husband Jack lead and attend many of the hiking programs in the area. 

We would like to congratulate Jacki on a year of service in our communities.  A year of volunteering, getting through another pandemic year, staying active, and helping others stay active too!  These are big accomplishments, and we thank you for all that you do, Jacki!

A bit about our Community Captain of the year…

Her favorite Active SWV activity is, you guessed it, hiking!  She loves the hikes because of the amazing scenery in WV. 

Jacki is not native to West Virginia, but you wouldn’t know it.  She has a deep love and appreciation for the state she now calls home.  She loves its people, the laid-back pace, and the natural beauty all around us. 

Jacki often leads programs with her husband Jack, who is also a trained volunteer Community Captain. She loves that aspect of volunteering as it becomes a memory and special time for them together.  They both enjoy different aspects of the outdoors, but are happy to embark on these activities together.  

When asked about a memorable experience with Active SWV, Jacki gave us two. One was volunteering with Active SWV’s Summer Camp. She enjoyed being able to teach kids about our state and nature. She also talked about a Full Moon hike at Grandview she attended where Pat Gagan was the Community Captain.  She said he timed it exactly that they viewed the moon ascending over the mountains, and she will always remember that.  

Well Jacki, we are happy to remember you at this time of year when we reflect on our passions and our work, and what we have accomplished. Thanks to Jacki and many other Community Captains, Active SWV continues to remove barriers to staying active for members of our communities!

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