Another Fall Kids Run Club Season Wraps Up

Thank You, Kids Run Club Volunteer Coaches!

As another Fall Kids Run Club season wraps up, all of us here at Active SWV want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the volunteer coaches that make the program possible. The Kids Run Club program has been in elementary schools, middle schools, and community groups since 2015, and over the years hundreds of teachers, parents, school administrators, and community members have committed their time and energy to offer kids this free opportunity to run and be physically active with their peers. To date, thousands of kids have participated in the Kids Run Club program. Thank you to all the Volunteer Kids Run Club Coaches for making this possible!

Fall Fun Runs

The Fall 2019 season wrapped up with color, costume, and obstacle course Fun Runs all throughout September and October. Panther Creek, Bradley, Marsh Fork, and Ghent all had color runs, while Hinton, Cranberry-Prosperity, Fairdale, and Glade Creek mixed things up by adding obstacles like hurdles, hoops, cones, and more to their Fun Runs. Fairdale went a step further, having the adults and siblings spray their kids with silly string as they crossed the finish line. Cranberry-Prosperity stuck with their school theme by making their obstacle course all about Harry Potter.

Coal City, Zela, Stanaford, Daniels, and Birch River all took advantage of the spooky time of year and had everyone run in their Halloween costumes. Both Coal City and Birch River incorporated some creative obstacles into their Halloween-y Fun Runs, while Zela, Daniels, and Stanaford kept it simple and ran around their school grounds. Mount Hope Christian Academy did a timed family run in their gym, and the Mount Lookout Hiking club finished up their season on the Fayetteville Long Point trail.

New Participants and New Coaches

It’s inspiring to see so many new children and adults get excited about the Kids Run Club program every season. Active SWV is proud to welcome all the many new volunteers who stepped up to take over club leadership from other volunteers who weren’t able to continue this fall. Out of over 71 Kids Run Club Volunteer Coaches that donated their time,16 of those parent and teacher volunteers were new to the program. And it wasn’t just the adults that had so many new turnouts – many kids joined the program for the first time too. All told, 280 of the over 751 fall runners participated in their first Kids Run Club this season. Many of the children that returned were coming back for their second, third, or even fourth year running with their club.

Thanks again to all the kids, adults, teachers, coaches, principals and community members who continue to make the Kids Run Club program thrive and grow in our schools!

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