Congratulations to West Virginia’s First, Certified [email protected] Employers!

It’s exciting to announce West Virginia’s first [email protected] certified employers! We want to honor five employers, who spent the last 6-weeks learning how to implement a successful workplace wellness program to create a culture of health in their place of business. Active SWV’s, Workplace Wellness Director, Laura Baker became a [email protected] trainer through the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to provide this evidenced-based training curriculum to businesses in Southern West Virginia and help create a healthier workforce. The [email protected] curriculum provides avenues for employers to improve organizational health of employees with resources and insight into interventions that have shown to make sustainable changes. NACDD traveled to West Virginia to support the training efforts and congratulate the state of West Virginia on their efforts.

Congratulations to the following companies and individuals for successfully completing the course!

  1. New River Community Technical College- Amanda Baker
  2. New River Health Associates- Marissa Johnson and Stacy Campbell
  3. Colombia Forest Products- Jeremy Morris and David Hacker
  4. Quality Insights- Courtney Law
  5. Summers County Department of Education-Dr. Linda Knott

There will be future trainings for businesses that are interested in becoming certified [email protected] employers. This not only shows your commitment to creating a culture of health at your workplace, but research shows that a healthier workforce enhances the economy, increases productivity and promotes recruitment and retention. It’s a win-win! If you’re interested in implementing a workplace wellness program, but need some assistance and resources please contact Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness Director, Laura Baker at [email protected] for more information and resources. You can also go to our website and find the Workplace Wellness Manual and other free resources.

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