Keeping the Momentum Going: Fall Fitness Challenge




The Active SWV Workplace Wellness participating site, Region 1 Workforce, is back at it again, investing in their greatest asset, their employees. This September and October they will be kicking off another Wellness Challenge to encourage employees to stay healthy and be active. The Fall Fitness Challenge will focus on optimizing physical activity and encourage employees to move more. Region 1 were the grand prize winners of our Spring into Summer Wellness Challenge. They averaged 200 to 240 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis, for 6-weeks. With all this momentum they don’t want to lose traction, and instead are eager to implement a new challenge.

Region I Partners are thrilled to be the winners! We’re proud of our time and participation. The competition was fun, and educational at the same time. It was true teamwork, and a lot of fun! We are looking forward to the next challenge”. Region 1 Employee

So to keep the momentum going, Active SWV in partnership with Region 1 step into the next challenge with enthusiasm and excitement. It’s a great opportunity to kick off the Fall season with health and wellness in mind. If your business is interested in implementing a Workplace Wellness Program and/or Challenge please contact our Workplace Wellness Director, Laura Baker at [email protected].  

More and more businesses today are recognizing the benefits of implementing health initiatives and seeing the positive outcomes Workplace Wellness Programs can have. Health is your greatest wealth, so invest now!


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