From Participant to Leaders

Active SWV Community Captains do such an amazing job of encouraging and inspiring their program participants some of them recently became Community Captains themselves at the 2019 Active SWV Community Captain training.

  • Amy Showalter
  • Beth Daniel
  • Lisa Adkins
  • Jacki Wright
  • Richard Accord
  • Barbra Accord
  • Beth Hudspeth
  • Wendi Sopher
  • Chris Graham
  • Vicki Aliff

These folks had such an inspiring time in Active SWV physical activity programs they have prioritized time to become leaders themselves. After receiving training with the Active SWV staff and National Park Service they are primed and ready to bring a new program to your area. Check out the Active SWV events calendar for a list of new programs such as hiking the Kaymour Stairs, a High Fitness class, more biking and paddling, youth Nerf Wars, and more hiking in our State Parks.

Becoming a participant of an Active SWV program is a great way to become part of a supportive community making a change to a more active lifestyle. Our Community Captains encourage friends and family to participate for the health benefits of being physically active, and one day you too may become a champion of health in your hometown by becoming an Active SWV Community Captain.

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