July Participants of the Month: Crisandra and Randy Tephabock

Active SWV is excited to introduce our July participants of the month, Crisandra and Randy Tephabock! Crisandra and Randy have participated in many Active SWV events, most recently the New River Gorge Virtual 10K event, and the Virtual Regional Fun Run community 5k, where they both placed in their respective age groups.

We asked them a few questions about their relationship with physical activity.

Why are you active? What motivates you to stay active?

Crisandra and Randy have both been active since childhood, but took different paths to get to where they are now.

“I have always been active, ever since I was a kid”, says Crisandra. “I liked riding my bike, riding horses, and exploring in the woods and fields, but I was never in any organized sports. I started to put on weight in my teen years due to an unhealthy lifestyle of not eating properly, so I started walking regularly, and finally joined a gym in Sept 2009 determined to get in shape. Using the elliptical machine and yoga classes, I achieved my goal. In 2012, I decided to take up running, and after I ran my first race (the 5K Celtic Knot), I was hooked. Later, I joined the SWVA running club out of Princeton, WV where I met my future husband, Randy.”

Randy has also spent a lot of his life being active outdoors, participating in organized sports as well as other outdoor activities.

“I was active as a child after I recovered from a near death experience of being burned badly in a house fire when I was 2 years old”, Says Randy. “I engaged in scouting and hunting/fishing with my father and brother. I also participated in some school sports, starting my career with cross country in junior high, then track in high school, and finally Rugby and Outdoor Adventures Club in college.”

In the photo above, Randy and Crisandra are out with their rescue dog, Holly. She gets lots of special attention these days, and enjoys taking long walks with the Tephabocks on the mountain road above their house.

What motivated you to join an Active SWV program?

Randy and Crisandra were introduced to Active SWV when they saw the annual Bridge Day 5K RUN event advertised. They ran that race in 2016, and have joined other Active SWV running programs and events since.

How do you stay motivated? And why is being active important to you?

The couple says that they enjoy going out to races and traveling together. “We make ‘race-cations’ out of our trips”, they say. “And being ‘older adults’, staying active helps keep us healthy.” Randy and Crisandra also joined a new running club in 2019 –  ‘C&C Runners’ out of Roanoke, Virginia. Through that club, they’ve met many new running friends and found new races to challenge themselves in.

Why do you think someone should join a free Active SWV program?

Crisandra and Randy both believe that joining a free Active SWV program could help someone find their passion, just like they did with running. “It could be walking, hiking, biking, running, kayaking or paddle-boarding, or you can continue participating in an activity you already enjoy like we did with running”, they say. “And during this pandemic, Active SWV’s free programs (particularly the virtual runs offered), helped keep us motivated to stay active when we didn’t have any in-person races to look forward to.”

Do you have any words of encouragement for people thinking of becoming more physically active?

Both Randy and Crisandra have spent their whole lives being active in different ways, and are happy to encourage others to find joy in physical activity. “Believe in being good to yourself” they say. “Consider your health and well-being important. By starting to become more physically active in whatever you choose, and sticking to it, it will benefit you greatly both in improving your physical and emotional health. The results may be slow at first, but remember you are worth it! Find something you enjoy. Active SWV offers a variety of interesting activities. We are sure you will like any of them you choose, and you will meet nice and interesting people at the same time.”

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