Make an Impact: Assist an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach

Active SWV Kids Run Clubs. Be a part of the movement.

Looking to improve your own fitness AND volunteer at the same time? Ready to share your love for physical activity with others? Be an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach!

We need you!

Active SWV is looking for community members to serve as Coaches in our Kids Run Club Program. Many Kids Run Clubs would like to expand to include more children, but cannot do so without getting more volunteer coach support. We need YOU to help make our youth healthier and more physically active!

 About Active SWV Kids Run Clubs:

Our Kids Run Clubs are designed to help participants develop an enjoyment and understanding of exercise, while learning healthy habits that extend beyond the program. All Active SWV Kids Run Clubs are unique and are tailored to each school depending on the amount of space and resources available, as well as the goals of participants and coaches. Some schools focus on lap running, while others play only running-intensive games, some do a combination of the two! Kids Run Clubs are non-competitive and have inclusive and supportive environments. Run Club Coaches are essential to creating and maintaining this positive environment for growth and fun! There is no cost for children to participate, and all skill levels and abilities are welcome. It is our goal to get kids excited and engaged with physical activity, and YOU can help us accomplish that.

Not a runner? Not to worry!

Coaches of all abilities have the same opportunity to serve as positive examples of healthy habits and to help get youth excited about physical activity. There is absolutely no need to consider yourself a runner! Active SWV provides in depth training for all Run Club Coaches, as well as a manual full of program plans, stretches, games, and more, guaranteed to guide you through the whole experience. Also, you won’t be in this alone! You be working alongside other amazing Run Club Coaches and volunteers. Active SWV assists with every step of the program and gives all coaches the tools to feel confident to lead the program. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and a desire to help kids in our community get physically active!

Finding the Right Kids Run Club for You

The Active SWV Kids Run Program takes place in elementary and middle schools across Fayette, Nicholas, Raleigh, and Summers Counties. Interested volunteer coaches will be paired up with a school located near them. Our Kids Run Clubs take place at a variety of times, including before and after school hours, so this opportunity can fit into your busy schedule!

The Commitment

Active SWV Kids Run Clubs last six to eight weeks. Most of our clubs practice once a week, from thirty minutes to an hour per practice, depending on the club. There is also a roughly one hour Run Club Coaches training before the season begins where you will get all the tools and information to be a successful Coach. We would like all volunteers to be able to commit to being a Run Club Coach for the entire program, as to best be able to build relationships and provide consistency for the kids!

The Reward

Active SWV Kids Run Club Coaches have an incredible opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives and health of children in our community. Building confidence, fostering a love for physical activity, instilling healthy habits, encouraging friendships, developing teamwork and inspiring our youth to be their best selves- these are all a small piece of the amazing things that Run Club Coaches do for their participants. However, most of our Coaches find that in giving to their students, what they receive in return is truly as wonderful.

Birch River Elementary Kids Run Club Coach Charlie Rose reflected on his experience saying, “During runs at practices, we had so much time to talk. In addition to the natural stress relief gained from exercise, it’s been therapeutic for these kids to get an extra chance to just talk and share about their day. Thank you for bringing this program to our school community. It has been a profound life changing experience for me.”


Volunteer this fall to be an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach. For the kids. For yourself. For the community.


Contact Emily Wilkinson at [email protected] for more information.

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