March Participants of the Month

Active SWV would like to introduce our March Participants of the Month, BFF’s Violet Carte and Bea Morris. Violet and Bea attend multiple Active SWV free physical activity programs.


Violet and Bea both attend the Active SWV Water Aerobics program at Holiday Lodge Hotel in Oak Hill and they also attend the Ansted Music and Movement program at Hawks Nest State Park.

Bea saw the water aerobics aerobics event page on Facebook and invited her friend from Weight Watchers, Violet, to go with her. It turned out that Violet’s niece, Community Captain Crysty Linkenhoker, was leading the programs. That was a very welcome surprise for her!

Both Bea and Violet say they’ve seen overall improvement in thier lives due to the Active SWV physical activity programs. Violet said she is able to do everyday activities that people take for granted, like put her pants on while standing up, because the water aerobics program has improved her balance. Bea described the program as a great social support and source of friendship. She lost her husband last year and said, “I don’t know what I would have done without having an activity to do and the friends that I’ve made at water aerobics.”

Both ladies gushed over how insprining Crysty is in her role as a Community Captain. They appreciate her dependibility, kind heart and encocuragement. When we asked these wonderful ladies how they would inspire someone to join an Active SWV program they said “Just try it and do what you can, you are never too old to make new friends.”

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