October Community Co-Captains of the Month

Active SWV would like to introduce you to Candice Helms and Jody Shelton, Community Captains of the newly formed Historic Hinton Walking Group. Candice and Jody recently trained with Active SWV to become Community Captains and are actively involved in Hinton. Candice and Jody thought it would be easier to start the group if they had a partner to help them lead it.

Jody and Candice are not native to the Hinton area, but they have a mission to help the community realize their full potential of being empowered and live healthy lives. Please help us welcome Candice and Jody to the Active SWV family and come out and meet them on Wednesdays for a Historic Walk through Downtown Hinton.

Read more about how you and someone you know can come together to be Community Captains and start your own program.

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