September Community Captain of the Month

This month we are highlighting Community Captain, Linda Stein. Linda has been a part of our Active SWV community for quite some time, she only recently became a Community Captain in the Spring of 2017. Since becoming a Captain Linda has been involved with Get Active in the Park leading hikes all over the New River Gorge National River. It is clear that Linda enjoys sharing her passion for the outdoors with the community. Take a minute to read about Linda and why she became a Community Captain.

Q. Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? How did you end up in West Virginia?
“I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa but moved to WV from Massachusetts in 1977. My husband Dan Doyle was recruited to work with a community board and an administrator to start New River Health, a community health center in the coal fields.”

Q. Why are you Active? How did you start?
“I am active because I have believe it is important! Also I really enjoy it. Beginning in childhood I walked, biked, and ice skated with friends. In my 20s I had roommates who ran every morning and I joined them. I rode my bike to work some and had opportunities to backpack in the White Mountains. Later when we moved to WV, I continued to hike regularly and cross country ski when we had snow. I also did a NOLS winter course in Yellowstone which gave me confidence to plan backpacking trips with family and friends.”

Q. What motivated you to volunteer with Active SWV in your community?
“I believe in the mission of Active Southern WV and greatly value the opportunities Active SWV provides to people in our area. I work in a health center with people who have chronic conditions like diabetes. I partner with them to help them better manage their chronic condition. I encourage people to get out and be active. Active SWV events are perfect ways for people to safely get out and try new things. I also hope that local people who know me might feel more comfortable trying out new things if I am involved.”

How do you stay motivated? Why is being active a priority for you?
“As I am about to turn 70 I am aware more than ever how important it is to stay active! We live in a beautiful area with so many opportunities to be active! The outdoors is our greatest resource! I always look forward to seasonal activities, like paddle boarding on Summersville Lake in summer, wildflower walks in spring, snowshoeing in winter, and hiking or biking all year round. Luckily my husband also likes to be active in the outdoors so we are active together!”

Why do you think someone should join an Active SWV free program? Do you have any words of encouragement for people thinking of becoming a Community Captain or interested in committing to becoming more physically active?
“The programs are fun, the staff and volunteers are great! It might be just the thing that changes your life!”

Active SWV, the staff, and community are so thankful to have Linda on our team. She is enthusiastic about encouraging and transforming our community into a happy and healthy place to be. She is a part of a community that believes in decreasing the barriers that the people in our state face, by increasing opportunities for people to get active in southern West Virginia.

Thank you, Linda, we are so happy that you have joined our team!

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