Staff Picks – Our Favorite Online Resources

Many of us have had much more time at home recently and that includes your Active SWV Staff. Now that we’ve had a couple weeks of it under our belt we want to share our favorite online links for physical activity.

Melanie recommends the Neck & Shoulder Tension Release Yoga Class from Five Parks Yoga. “I like this 20 minute practice to help reduce tension headaches from stress and typing.” This is a great break for people working at the desk all day. And really, who doesn’t have a little added tension these days?

India recommends the RAM Fitness Stretching Guide. “I like this stretching guide, because they’ve organized their stretching recommendations into categories  ‘for relaxation’, ‘muscle specific’, ‘job specific’, and ‘sports specific’, and then they further break those down into sub-categories. Stretching is an important tool to use for relaxation and stress reduction, and it can help you feel refreshed without doing a full-on physical activity if you’re not able to.”

Veronica recommends the YouTube channel: Fitness Blender. They do lots of aerobic cardio workouts.     “I like that:

  • most of their workouts require no equipment and are body weight exercises.
  • their workouts vary in length so it’s easy to find something to fit the time you have.
  • they’ve been around for several years and have a good rep and good following.
  • they don’t add music to their videos so you can listen to your own music and still hear their coaching.
  • *most but not all* include a warm up and cool down, so you’re less likely to jump into a workout going too hard. They usually remind you to do a warm up if they don’t include one in their video, and they also have videos that are specifically just warm up videos that you can watch before any workout.”

Try out 10 min abs & obliques workout and
15 min intense upper body workout without weights.

Molly recommends Cosmic Kids Yoga. “The Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel offers yoga for young children focusing on mindfulness and relaxation. Children are guided through poses within imaginative and colorful stories. My 2 and 4 year olds have settled right into these calming videos.”

Erin recommends skipping the internet and going to play catch. Erin is a baseball mom and catch is a part of her life. “I have actually been reading about the benefits and it’s good for many different age groups from kids to seniors, for hand eye coordination and balance.”

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