Top 10 Reasons for WVU Tech Students to Be an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach This Fall

1)      Get your workout in AND volunteer at the same time.

How many other volunteer opportunities can say the same thing? Serving as an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach allows you to run around and be physically active with kids, all the while serving as an incredible role model to teach youth of the Southern West Virginia about the importance of health.

2)      You miss seeing kids when you are back at school.

You think you are excited to leave your younger siblings at home, but then when you get back on campus, you hardly ever see kids at all! Admit it! It’s weird and you miss seeing them around. (And you might even miss your younger brother too). Volunteering with the Active SWV Kids Run Program gives you the chance to hang out with kids and teach them about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

3)      Keep yourself accountable.

Having the weekly commitment to showing up for participants and other coaches can help keep you accountable for your own physical activity goals too.

4)      Get out of the college bubble- at least once a week.

Too often it’s easy to get consumed in the college experience- classes, deadlines, clubs, activities- and you may forget about the bigger picture and the world you live in. Serving in the Active SWV Kids Run Club Program allows you to get out of the bubble of day to day college life to do something good for the greater community. And, if anything, being an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach or Volunteer is an excuse to get off campus too!

5)      Make meaningful relationships in the community

Being an Active SWV Kids Run Club Coach will give you the opportunity to make real relationships with other coaches, youth, families, and teachers. This is a truly special experience.

6)      You don’t have to be a “runner” to be a Kids Run Club Coach

Not a runner? Not to worry! Active SWV provides all the training, information, and tools necessary to coach. Coaches of all abilities have the same opportunity to serve as positive examples of healthy habits and to help get youth excited about physical activity. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and a desire to help kids in our community get physically active! Also, you won’t be alone, and will be working alongside other dedicated Run Club Coaches and a Head Run Club Coach you can lean on for support.

7)      Fun Runs

All Active SWV Kids Run Clubs culminate in a celebratory Fun Run for the participants! Fun Runs are always a good time, and have a special race like environment for the kids. Several Kids Run Clubs had Color Fun Runs last spring!

8)      Share your passion for physical activity and health

Let your passion for health change the world, and start right here in Beckley with elementary youth. You never know how far your impact will reach.

9)      You get to be a role model

Your status as a college student will automatically make you a “cool” Run Club Coach. Kids will want to be just like you, and this gives you the unique ability to impact the lives of kids. It is often when you are in the position to be a role model for others that you truly challenged to be the best version of yourself.

10)  Change lives, and yours too

Building confidence, fostering a love for physical activity, instilling healthy habits, encouraging friendships, developing teamwork and inspiring youth to be their best selves- these are all a small piece of the amazing things that Run Club Coaches do for their participants. However, most of our Coaches find that in giving to their students, what they receive in return is truly as wonderful. Kids Run Club Coach Charlie Rose reflected on his experience saying, “During runs at practices, we had so much time to talk. In addition to the natural stress relief gained from exercise, it’s been therapeutic for these kids to get an extra chance to just talk and share about their day. Thank you for bringing this program to our school community. It has been a profound life changing experience for me.”

For more information on Active SWV Kids Run Clubs and how you can get involved contact Emily at [email protected] or  visit .


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