Community Captain Appreciation

Now that spring has officially sprung, Active SWV’s staff will become increasingly busy working to bring physical activity opportunities to our region. Before we get too busy we would like to take some time to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Community Captains. Community Captains are volunteers with Active SWV that care about the health and well-being of their friends and neighbors. Community Captains are the backbone of our organization’s programming options. If it was not for their time and dedication, there would be no way our organization could function at the capacity that we do. Every Community Captain finds time in their busy lives to connect with individuals through physical activity, offering encouragement and support to help people in their communities get excited about getting Active.

Volunteering to become an Active SWV Community Captain is a great way to help your hometown’s health and can be a very rewarding experience for the Community Captain. One Community Captain said, “It can seem daunting to lead a group in your area or even to be more physically active at first, but I find that getting out there with a like-minded group of folks is just as satisfying as popping open a can of Pringles, once you start you aren’t going to want to stop.” Active SWV is currently looking for people that want to pop open their can of physical active. Our spring Community Captain training class is scheduled for May 5th and 6th, for more information about how you can become a Community Captain click here.

Active SWV Community Captains touch the lives of their program participants in many ways by offering support, encouragement, accountability, and compassion. The positive impact Community Captains have on participants can be read in Karen’s statement about one of Active SWV’s walking groups. Karen started walking because her orthopedist recommended exercise to help her arthritic knee. She says the Active SWV walking group “gets me out every Saturday morning because it’s my ‘appointed time’ for exercise”. She also has started walking during the week, aside from the group helping her stay consistent it also is something that she enjoys. “I enjoy talking to the others while we walk, it makes the time fly by”. Click here for more success stories from Community Captains and participants.

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