Tips for Walking in the Rain

Active Southern West Virginia provides free physical activity opportunities and often these activities take place outdoors and year round. West Virginia is known for it’s rain forest like weather patterns and quickly changing conditions. Often times this can become a barrier to staying active on a regular schedule. Active SWV Community Captain Levi Moore has provided some tips for sticking with your activity plans rain or shine.

Are you planning an outdoor adventure but are worried about rain in the forecast? Don’t let a little water from the sky keep you inside, with a little planning you can still have an outstanding time.

So, you’ve checked the forecast for when you’re planning on being outside and you see that there’s a good possibility for some rain? No worries, all you have to do is grab a few things and head out anyway.

  • Remember to take some sort of “outer shell” to wear, whether it’s a light rain jacket or a disposable rain poncho, so that you can stay relatively dry.
  • Grab a change of clothes. An extra pair of socks, a top and a bottom will be just fine for after.
  • A dry towel or two to dry off with/put on the seat on the way home is also a good idea.
  • Head wear, i.e., a hat of some sort, a buff, a bandanna or something else to keep rain out of your face and eyes is extremely helpful.
  • Footwear that is either water resistant or water repellent will also make your trip more enjoyable, but if you don’t have a pair for your trip, then the additional dry socks you brought will do wonders.
  • A water tight container for your electronic devices. We all know how hard it is to leave the phone in the car these days, and many of us use them to track and record our adventures. Bringing something as simple as a zip-lock bag will keep our toys nice and dry while we’re braving the storm.
  • It might seem like an obvious choice, but never forget to bring water to drink.
  • Lastly, a small first aid kit is always a handy thing to have with you on any adventure, not just the rainy ones.When joining an Active SWV program, the Community Captain volunteers will have the first aid kits packed.


We probably have most, if not all, of the things listed above in our homes already. If not, a quick stop at the local store on your way out will see you fill the list without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. Adventuring in the rain is a different experience and should never be shied away from. As with any other weather condition it offers a unique and individual set of circumstances for you to enjoy. So, pack up your “wet weather kit” and enjoy the outdoors with an outstanding walk or hike. Keep in mind that no matter what you bring or wear, you will still get a bit wet. That’s just part of the fun. Be safe and enjoy.

Community Captain Levi Moore

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