August Community Captain of the Month

Active SWV is pleased to announce Bob Matson as Community Captain of the month. Bob’s dedication to Active SWV goes beyond leading programs. Bob has volunteered to help with special events, Beckley BPAC, and general office work. We are so thankful to have folks like Bob committed to Active SWV.  If you see Bob out and about say Hi and a BIG THANK YOU for all his work and dedication to helping make his community better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am originally from Atlanta, where I have to admit I was not that involved in any sort of physical activity that involved getting outside nearly as much as ACTIVE has to offer, at most one walk/hike per month. 

How did you hear about the opportunity of becoming a Community Captain with Active SWV?

Like a lot of people in the Beckley area of West Virginia I originally learned about ACTIVE through the Register-Herald, which does an excellent job of promoting ACTIVE and a number of wonderful groups in the southern West Virginia area.  My initial interest was in “orienteering” which I still hope to get involved in this next year.

What have been some of your favorite programs you have been a Community Captain leading or just a participant attending?

Since I have recently moved to a subdivision next to the YMCA Soccer fields I would have to say that walking and leading hikes on the Piney Creek Trails have been the most enjoyable events since joining ACTIVE. It is amazing to me how many people grew up playing, fishing, and exploring around Piney Creek, and they all have fond memories. But it is truly the people who lead, organize, participate, and promote good healthy activities that have been the best part of joining ACTIVE as a Community Captain.

What are some of the personal benefits (or health benefits) you have found since becoming a Community Captain?

The personal benefits have been numerous, where else would you have the opportunity to meet with the mayor of your town once or twice a month and be recognized as someone who belongs to an organization that brings tremendous value to the community? There are so many activities that get you outside almost all year round where you can explore the changing season, walk with people who have similar interest, and even lose a few pounds and lower your blood pressure by listening to the sounds of nature.

In addition to personal health benefits and help increase the health of your community what other social or networking opportunities have been opened to you since becoming an Active SWV Community Captain?

It is really amazing to me how many people know about ACTIVE SWV and what a great organization it is. Just by being a Community Captain and leading a few events I have met so many people who are so appreciative of what we do as a group and have so many nice things to say about the people they know who are benefiting from our events. 

For more information about becoming a Community Captian and bringing Active SWV programs to your community please contact Erin Reid at or give us a call at 304-254-8488.

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