Adventure Days in the Park – Summer Activities for Kids

As Active SWV prepares for the upcoming fall Kids Run Club season, we have been working to provide free opportunities for kids to be active both virtually and in person.
Adventure Days in the Fayetteville Town Park

Coda Mountain Academy came up with the weekly Adventure Days in the Park series to keep kids active and engaged throughout the summer. Because so many of our normal summer activities will have to wait until next year, Adventure Days was created to give kids some outside structure and time away from their screens. The initiative brings together different organizations and activities so that kids can socialize and have fun in a safe outdoor space.

Each week Active SWV will have an obstacle course, a warm-up station, and a cool-down station set up, The Fayette County Bookmobile will be parked and open, and Fayette County librarians will be doing a read-a-loud session. Coda will provide each child with a bagged to-go lunch and a different participation gift each week. The event will be held every Tuesday in June and July from 11-1 at the Fayetteville Town Park, with plans to expand to Collins Park in July as well. You can register your child by emailing [email protected]. Space is limited due to Health Department and CDC guidelines around social distancing, so be sure to get your spot soon!

Virtual Kids Backyard Discovery Week

In addition to resuming some in person youth activities, Active SWV will continue offering virtual options for families too. There’s no reason kids can’t have fun and be active right there in their own backyard, so we’ve come up with a different outdoor discovery activity for each day of the week that can be done right at home. Check out this calendar of fun activities, and do it in your own time!

Teens and kids ages 6 to 17 need 60 minutes of activity every day. Most of their 60 minutes can be moderate-intensity aerobic activity; anything that gets their heart beating faster counts. And at least 3 days a week, encourage them to step it up to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, so they’re breathing fast and their heart is pounding. As part of their daily 60 minutes, kids and teens also need:

  • Muscle-strengthening activity at least 3 days a week Anything that makes their muscles work harder counts, like climbing or swinging on the monkey bars.
  • Bone-strengthening activity at least 3 days a week. Bones need pressure to get stronger. Running, jumping, and other weight-bearing activities all count.

Active SWV free programs are a great way for kids to get their activity in! Check out Move Your Way for more information and ideas on how kids and adults can all get the activity they need to be healthy.

Upcoming Fall Kids Run Club Season

Active SVW plans to go forward with the fall Kids Run Club season, offering an online virtual option as well as in-person clubs starting in September. We will be following Health Department and CDC guidelines as well as individual school policies to create a safe space for participants and volunteers to be active.

If you would like to get involved with the Kids Run Club program, please contact [email protected]

Active SWV programs resuming in July

Active SWV will resume some of our other in person programs in July, observing the appropriate precautions and safety measures. Please see our monthly program calendar for a list of activities offered, and follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on when more will become available