Adventure Days Participant of the Month – Caleb Carver

Active SWV is excited to announce our August participant of the Month, Caleb Carver! Caleb has been attending the Adventure Days in the Park series on Tuesdays in Fayetteville. Each week, Active SWV is at the park  with an obstacle course, warm-up and cool-down stations, and lap running. For each 5 obstacle course or running laps completed, each participant gets a foot token to take home.

Caleb says he has always liked running, and it goes well with his competitive side. He was part of a Kids Run Club at Mabscott Elementary school when he was in 4th or 5th grade, and does Track and Cross Country now that he’s older. His favorite races are the 800 meter, the mile, and relays. He likes running longer distances, saying ‘my competitive side helps with boredom [when running around a track]’.

Right now Caleb is doing summer training for Cross Country in the fall, and he has had to preserve some of his energy when he runs the obstacle course during the day so he can still do his other running training in the evening. Caleb’s goal has been to run 25 obstacle course laps each week so he can collect five feet tokens every time he comes. So far, Caleb has stuck to his goal and collected a total of 10 feet over the past two weeks – more than any other participant!

Caleb says running so much definitely helps him out when he gets to gym class in school. He loves to be active, and ‘[in gym class] you get to rest your mind’, which is a nice change of pace during the school day, he says.

Caleb’s mom heard about the Adventure Days initiative, and encourage Caleb and his sister to come and take advantage of the free opportunity to socialize, do crafts, pick up a ready-made lunch, and be active. Caleb’s favorite part of the day is running and doing the obstacle course, and he plans to come back in August and continue collecting more feet each week.

Be sure to check Active SWV’s Facebook page for more information on Adventure Days, and other youth programming including the upcoming Fall Virtual Kids Run Club program.

Thanks to Adventure: Fayette County in partnership with:
Active SWV, Coda Mountain Academy, Mountain Surf Paddle Sports, New River Association of Climbers, Fayette Prevention Coalition, New River Health Association, Fayette County Libraries and Bookmobile, Fayette County Park, The City of Oak Hill, The Town of Fayetteville, New River Gorge National River, and WVU Extension Fayette County.

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