Kids Run Club Summer Sampler in the Park

Adventure: Fayette County is in partnership with Active Southern West Virginia, Coda Mountain Academy, Mountain Surf Paddle Sports, New River Association of Climbers, Fayette County Park, Fayette Prevention Coalition, New River Health Association, Fayette County Libraries and Bookmobile, Fayetteville Arts Coalition, and others.

Their Adventure Days in the Park initiative is expanding to include a Collins Park location on Thursdays and a ‘Teens and Tweens’ adventure day on Wednesdays, in addition to the existing Tuesdays at the Fayetteville Town Park. Active SWV will be at the Wednesday Beckwith location with a disc golf activity, and at the Tuesday and Thursday Fayetteville and Oak Hill locations with a Kids Run Club Summer Sampler.

The Fayetteville Town Park and Collins Park Adventure days will both be from 11-1, with check-in at 10:45. The Beckwith Fayette County Park Adventure Day on Wednesday will be from 10-1, with check-in at 9:45.

So what is the Kids Run Club Summer Sampler?

There are four parts of every Kids Run Club practice – a dynamic warm up, a running exercise, a game or fun activity, and cool down stretches. As part of the Kids Run Club Summer Sampler, you can do any or all of these activities at the park every Tuesday and Thursday! Active SWV will have the following options available:

  • Dynamic warm-up station: Warming gets your muscles moving and stretched out so you don’t injure yourself when you start your workout. Active SWV’s warm-up station will have some squats, star jumps, high knees, and more for you to get your muscles moving.
  • Run laps around the field: After you warm up, run laps around the field and see how many laps you can do! After you reach 10 laps, you’ll get a toe token as a prize. Running laps will help you build your endurance and make you stronger and faster.
  • Obstacle course fun: It’s important to have fun when you exercise too. We’ll have an awesome obstacle course set up that you can run through as many times as you want. Count how many times you can do it, or time yourself and try to beat your best time.
  • Cool-down stretching station: After you run laps and/or do the obstacle course, it’s good to cool down your body by stretching out your muscles. This helps with mobility, and keeps you from being stiff and sore the next day after being really active. At the cool-down stretching station, we’ll have spots where you can stretch out your leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, and your upper body muscles like triceps, shoulders, and abdominals.
Fun Run

The final component of any Kids Run Club is the season ending Fun Run! The Kids Run Club Summer Sampler will have a scheduled Fun Run Day at the end of July that you don’t want to miss! Participants will get a Kids Run Club medal and an Active SWV wristband as a prize for attending the Summer Sampler.


Please check in with Coda at 10:45am. There is not a reservation system, but space is limited in accordance with Health Department and CDC guidelines around social distancing.

Active SWV will have a sign in sheet by our activity stations so we can keep track of who participates, and we’ll also issue an attendance sticker card with a lanyard to each child who comes to the Kids Run Club Summer Sampler. Please be sure to bring the lanyard and card to each session you attend!

Upcoming Fall Kids Run Clubs

Active SVW plans to go forward with the fall Kids Run Club season, offering an online virtual option as well as in-person clubs starting in September. We will be following Health Department and CDC guidelines as well as individual school policies to create a safe space for participants and volunteers to be active.

If you would like to get involved with the Kids Run Club program, please contact [email protected]
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