January Participant of the Month

Active SWV would like to introduce Colleen Anderson January Participant of the month. 

Colleen has been attending the Active SWV free weekly National Diabetes Prevention Program. This class is held online and a second class will begin in February.

About myself:

I grew up in Michigan, but moved to West Virginia in 1970 to serve with VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America). I worked with Cabin Creek Quilts and came to love the people and mountains, so I have stayed all these years. 

What motivated me:
My mother had diabetes, and I watched her suffer from the disease, particularly during the last years of her life, when she endured injections four times daily and, at 90, the amputation of her right leg.
How I stay motivated:
My friend Holly joined this program with me, and we encourage one another when we take daily walks. That’s a huge help to me! Being active has been a priority for me since I discovered, about 40 years ago, that a brisk daily walk improved my mood and my mental acuity. Walking is currently my only exercise, but I try to do it every day. 
Why I think others should join: 
It’s good for you and it’s free!
Do I have encouragement?
I guess I can speak from an “elderly” viewpoint on this one. At 70, getting and staying healthy enough to enjoy life means a lot. My younger sister keeps telling me, “You don’t act your age!” I love to hear that!
To find out about other Active SWV physical activity and lifestyle manangement check out our events calendar.

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