Participant of the Month – Kate

Active SWV is excited to introduce our September Participant of the Month, Kate McDaniel!

Kate has been participating in the weekly free Friday Pilates program, and we caught up with her to see what keeps her motivated.

Why are you active? How did you start being physically active?

I have always exercised in the gym, and always done it begrudgingly. I really started being more active and enjoying it when I moved to Fayetteville 3 years ago. I love being in nature and really don’t think of it as working out. Hiking, biking, and paddle boarding, have all become a place of zen and a way for me to destress at the end of the day.

What motivated you to try a program with Active SWV?

I’ve always wanted to try Pilates and thought a free class on a Friday was a great way to try it. Turns out it was amazing and really fun!!

How do you stay motivated? Why is being active a priority for you?

Really for the stress relief. I find that being active makes my stress levels manageable, and it makes me eat healthier. Being active in nature helps me be more mindful and really doesn’t make it feel like exercise.

Why do you think someone should join an Active SWV free program?

It’s a really great way to try new things. I tried Pilates because I have never done it before. I was too intimidated initially, but the middle of the day beginners class was something that felt less intimidating. I really encourage everyone to try a free course with Active SWV!!

Check out our website calendar for dates, times, and locations for all of our volunteer les physical activity programs this month!

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