Active Resources for Kids & Families

Below you’ll find a list of resources for ways kids and families can be active on their own. The first section is made up of resources created by Active SWV staff and volunteers, the second section has resources from trusted partners, and the third section has online resources from outside parties that are still super useful. Enjoy!

 Kids Activity Resources From Active SVW

  • Active BINGO: Just like regular Bingo, but with a twist. If an exercise on your card gets called out, do the exercise as written before you mark it off.
  • Active scavenger hunts: These scavenger hunts require no setup – every item can be found in the world around you. When you find an item, do the exercise that correlates with it before you cross it off.
  • weekly workouts: Here you’ll find six mini running workouts based on the Kids Run Club training manual. Use these to work up to running a mile distance or other running goal of your choice!
  • weekly dynamic warm-ups: Dynamic exercises are a great way to get your blood moving and muscles warmed up. See these weekly examples.
  • weekly cool-down stretches: Here are six stretching routines designed to easily fit into your day or week. 
  • Active games: Games are a great way for kids (and adults) to get active! Here you’ll find instructions for active games like ‘would you rather’, ‘ring of fire’, ‘exercise bingo’ and more. 
  • alphabetical fitness challenge: Here you’ll find an exercise or activity correlating to every letter in the alphabet.
  • Week long Ab Challenge: Find different ab exercises with descriptions, one for each day of the week. 
  • Breathing exercises and nature yoga poses: Here you’ll find breathing exercises kids can try put to relax, as well as nature yoga poses for balance and fitness.
  • kids outdoor discovery activities: Here you’ll find an outdoor activity for each day of the week.
  • Angie Corwin’s follow-along Pilates video: Angie is an experienced Pilates instructor with her own studio, Activated Body, in Oak Hill WV. In this video , she guides the viewer through a series of movements for ‘movement and mindfulness’.
  • Kate Miller’s fitness cards: Here you’ll find fitness challenges for each week day designed by Community Captain Kate Miller, MEd in Health and Physical Education, ATC, B.S. Athletic Training/Health Promotion and Education.
  • Trail Resources: If you are able to safely do so, gets kids outside! Here is some information for hiking/biking trails in southern West Virginia.
  • Stroller Friendly trails. This is a list of trails in the area that are easily accessible when you have a stroller, wheel-chair, or similar. 
  • Disc Golf resources: Disc golf is an easy sport to get into and a great way to get outdoors! See this list of disc golf courses in southern WV.

Activity Resources from Active SWV Partners

Outside Sources for Kids Activity Resources

  • Leave No Trace: If you are interested in getting outside and learning about how to protect the environment around you, this website has some excellent resources and exercises for kids and adults alike.
  • Go Noodle: provides videos designed to get kids up and moving throughout the day. They have videos with yoga, dance parties, mindfulness sessions, and more, enabling kids to stay engaged, use their minds, and move their bodies.
  • Action For Healthy Kids is a national nonprofit that brings together dedicated volunteers and partners to make schools healthier places where kids thrive. While everyone is stuck at home, try some of the following:
  • Videos from PE teacher Jason Runk: Jason is a PE teacher in VA, and has a great website with dance videos and more designed to get kids active throughout the day. Follow him on Twitter (@jrunk3) too for updates!
  • Recommendations for speaking to young athletes: Some kids whose sports seasons have been disrupted will undoubtedly be having a tough time coping with their new reality. This article from the Positive Coach Alliance gives advice on how to talk to kids going through this, and suggests some things adults can do to help kids redirect their energy.
  • Kids Run The Nation: The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) put together this 10 module program for schools, community groups, worship centers, and more to use to get kids active. Right now they are offering their Program Guide for Teachers, Coaches, and Program Leaders available for free download for anyone to use as a tool to get active.
  • YMCA360: The YMCA has a whole library of fitness videos for people of all ages. Check out the youth sports performance and youth soccer sections designed for young athletes.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: Check out this collection of themed Youtube videos (more added weekly!) designed to get kids to love yoga. They combine story time with different themes like Frozen and Harry Potter to keep kids engaged and excited about moving.

Do you have a resource to share that you don’t see on this list? Let us know! Email Youth Program Director India at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions.