Active SWV Awards 13 Grants

Congratulations to the Active SWV 2021-22 Capacity Building Grant Awardees!

Active SWV is proud to announce the 13 recipients of our 2021-22 Capacity Building Grants. The purpose of these grants are to increase access to healthy food, physical activity and other strategies to promote employee wellness. Our team of grant reviewers look for workplaces who value their employees and that are ready to implement policy, system, and environment changes to show it.

This year’s recipients brought many creative ideas to the table. From turning an unused parking lot area into an open air fitness station to incentivizing physical activity on the clock with a massage chair in the office – these workplaces have gotten creative to make health not only accessible but appealing to their employees.

The Active SWV team will support recipients throughout the grant period to ensure their wellness initiatives are well planned and implemented. It is our hope that workplace recipients will sustain their wellness program for years to come, with our ongoing support.

Active SWV is able to award these funds thanks to our partnership with WV Health Promotion & Chronic Disease.

The Active SWV Workplace Wellness Program is open to workplaces of all types. Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer technical support, consulting, and resources to help you plan, implement, and sustain a wellness program at your place of employment.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Active SWV Workplace Wellness Program, qualifying for a Capacity Building Grant in the future, or other program offerings, contact:

Veronica Crosier
Workplace Wellness Director, Active SWV

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