January Community Captain of the Month: Noel Mitchell

“…being part of a group that is counting on me is the best motivation.”

Noel Mitchell began a walking group in Smithers, WV in November 2022.  She said she has been wanting to use the new urban walking trail there, and “Active SWV was there to help me get started.” 

Originally from New York, Noel has lived in 11 states, and West Virginia marks her twelfth and final destination.  Her mother and spouse both being in the military prompted multiple moves throughout her life. 

Noel says the group structure of Active SWV programs is what motivates her.  She finds that motivation for helrself is not enough, but “being part of a group that is counting on me is the best motivation.”  Getting past the middle age marker, she wants to be sure she is still able to move like she is now for another 20 to 30 years.  

Noel would encourage others to get involved with Active SWV because of the opportunities to try new things, as well as the nice people you will meet. 

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Our volunteer Community Captains remove barriers to a healthy lifestyle in their communities by involving friends and family in free physical activity programming.