April Participant of the Month- Lee Webb

Lee Webb of Fayetteville is the Active SWV Participant of the Month for April

A Dothan native, Lee Webb resides in Fayetteville and works as a nurse at Plateau Medical Center.  He regularly attends the High Fitness class at Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) in Oak Hill, sometimes after working the night shift.

Lee states he has become more active recently to try and lose weight, but mostly to improve his overall health.  He had a discussion with his doctor about it after he attended a night hike at Long Point and felt breathless much of the time.

Lee’s brother, Joseph Webb has been a primary motivator and exercise partner.  He told Lee about the new “Tai Chi” class at SALS, but it was actually Sarah Edwards’ High Fitness.  Lee isn’t sorry for that mistake, and says the class has been a great experience.

Lee also stays active with his 11, 12, and 14 year old children, who have to exercise for scout advancement. Leading the way to a healthy lifestyle through his own example is important in conveying the message to his children. “They are my biggest motivation.”

Lee would encourage others to participate in Active SWV programs because “they are a fantabulous program with many funtastic activites for all kinds of people.”  Lee and his kids have participated in other programs throughout the years, and have always had great experiences!

Spoiler alert:  Lee is also going to join Active SWV’s Community Captains program and begin offering his own free physical activities.  Check out everything offered on our website calendar and look for new programs with Lee starting in April!

If you are interested in becoming an Active SWV volunteer Community Captain, please email volunteer@activeswv.com